Raffy Lopez: ‘It is good to see some results’

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Raffy Lopez: 'It is good to see some results'

- Raffy, a few big double plays in this game, especially early on. How important was that? I know you turned one there. How important and how much pride do you take in that defense, especially when you guys have a lead there?

- Yeah, I mean, we were just trying to get outs. You get the outs in nine innings and you win, especially obviously, with the lead. But yeah, I mean, when we can turn double plays like that, it helps the pitch count. It just helps everything. Quicker guys are in the dug out we can get to hitting.

- Another solid night for your pitchers tonight. What can you say about their performance, particularly Brad Hand essentially closing out the heart of the order there in the eighth?

- Yeah, it was great to bring him in there. They're real tough guys and he did his thing. He located the slider really well, mixed in his heater and it's Brad Hand for you.

- Two RBIs, and a run scored by you. Is it nice to see some of that patience and discipline paying off at the plate?

- Yeah, for sure. You know definitely been working pretty hard on the swing and it was good to have some results tonight.

- And then for you guys as a whole on offense, it's been up and down. Is it nice to have a game like this where you can just kind of load them on in late innings?

- Always. The more runs the better, obviously. Takes a lot of pressure off the pitchers and they deserve the run support. They've been pitching their butt off.

- Raffy, thank you so much. Congratulations. Mike.