Andy Green talks about the 7-2 loss to the Marlins

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Andy Green talks about the 7-2 loss to the Marlins

- Right now, no. We hadn't been able to because he's come out sometimes and stuff's looked really good. His last time out, I think his fastball was up to 93 and there was life to it. He was beating guys. And today, even from the first batter of the game, he executed some pitches, just didn't have the same life to it. And they were able to foul those pitches off and to battle him. And the upside is that he has shown flashes where you go, that guy's going to be really good in the big leagues for a long time. And then these bouts of inconsistency, chalk it up to youth and like, learning and being sure that when you get on the mound every time, you got to come with your best stuff.

And I think I know he wants to do that. He just, today, the velocity, the finish to the pitches wasn't there. And without that finish the pitches, that's what extended that inning. It was just foul ball after foul ball after foul ball til he makes a mistake. And from like a execution standpoint, there was probably a lot of consecutively executed pitches thrown to where he wanted to throw them. But they lacked the finish. And then eventually, like, he's human. He's going to throw a ball over the heart of the plate.

So it's finishing in those counts. You got the opportunity to and he wasn't able to do it.

REPORTER 1: As a manager, nice to have a guy like Robbie Erlen?

- Yeah, Robbie was great today. And we talked about using him in the ninth inning yesterday and shied away from it for the need of something like this arose today. We used Webb yesterday in the ninth-- or in the bottom of the eighth, I should say. And saved Robbie for today if something like this were to happen. And he gave us every opportunity to get back in the game. He was outstanding. I mean, he shut them down for 5 and 2/3 and was really, really good for us today.

REPORTER 2: I would ask then about him, how awesome he's been out of the pen. What do you have identified there is that reason?

- Yeah it's, some people find comfort level there. Some people just feel great coming out of the bullpen, like, hey, call on me whenever you're ready to call on me, I'll be ready to pitch. And Robbie's that type of guy. And I think there's a byproduct of like, the other team doesn't have all day to prepare to face you and think about what you're bringing to the game. He comes in and executes his pitches and executed everything really well today.

And he's a really valuable guy. If he doesn't end up in the rotation, having a guy that can do what he did today in the bullpen, especially after the last couple starts. We had a bullpen day yesterday. If he can't take down those 5 and 2/3, we're going to have a lot of guys hurting today. So he was huge for us today.

REPORTER 2: That excellence that Lauer has shown you in two or three starts, is that enough for you to say, you know what? We're going to have him stay here and learn here?

- Yeah we believe in him. We believe he's going to get it. We know there's good stuff coming for him and he's shown us the flashes of that good stuff. Marking out everybody's path from this day all the way to the end of the season, I couldn't possibly tell you that at this moment. But my expectation is like, Eric's going to continue to get an opportunity. He's going to continue to rise up and meet the challenge in front of him, and we'll continue to watch him pitch.

REPORTER 2: Can you assess how your team played today in all facets?

- You're looking at a guy in Smith-- we watched a lot of video on him-- whose fastball has serious ride life to it. And he's punched out a lot of guys. Today, he didn't do that to us. What he did to us is those pitches, they're taking off and riding. We missed them and popped them up. And there has to be like, a serious fight for us to get on top to do something different now. Like, one thing we did is we made contact. That doesn't win you a baseball game.

But we made contact. We put the ball in play. But we didn't, you know, we didn't drive the ball through gaps. A couple of good swings. I think Pirella hit a miss to the left. AGL has hit a ball hard. We had some good swings. That ball Franmil hit at the end was crushed. The home was nice from him. Overall though, like, it wasn't a great offensive day for us.

REPORTER 2: What about defensively and even being the way the-- I know that doesn't make a difference, double or triple. But he also watched his double in Washington because he thought it was a homer. He thought this one was a homer. How concerned would you be about that?

- I mean, at the end of the day, like, that one doesn't concern me. It's a 7-1 baseball game. I'm not looking for a guy to hit a triple in a 7-1 baseball game the ninth inning. You take every chance you won the ninth inning to extend stuff. If he's flying out of the box, maybe it's a triple. You're probably going to find very few and far between big leaguers flying out of the box in a 7-1 game trying to stretch every last inch you can. You're not going win 7-2. So that doesn't ruffle my feathers much.

What we got to do, though, is after that, and the past ball, is we've got to shorten our leads and understand like, you don't need anything at this point in time. If you don't advance to third base, it doesn't matter. You have no need to like, push the envelope. You're trying to win a game. You're not trying to make it 7-2. At least that's the way I see it.