Sweeney: ‘The Padres need to make adjustments’

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Sweeney: 'The Padres need to make adjustments'

- And for Hunny and Austin-- game planning for a particular team when you can kind of see some guys that you feel good with the breaking ball and stay away from the change-- that works. And he was throwing the fastball up in the zone, locating it when he needed to, down, but got Jankowski a couple of times on the change-up, you know, to ground him out. So there's an any number of ways he can attack a guy, but he just did a really good job of keeping guys on his stand and getting them down below his own late.

- So if you'll remember, the first time the Padres and Dodgers squared off here at Petco Park, three-game set, Padres struck out 45 times. Second time they meet down in Monterrey, Padres get no hit in Game 1 of that three-game Then 15 strikeouts as you mentioned today. Not a single walk in here. How much of this is in your head now as a young Padre player?

- Well, it's a concern. Obviously we've touched on it in times past, especially after that three game set where they punched out 45 times. That's way too many times. You have to have the ability to make changes. And you see Dave Roberts-- they are game planning against the Padres. They know there's certain weaknesses that you can exploit through different hitters. And you saw Franchy Cordero, who has that promise, but he got exposed tonight. And every single time you were seeing the catcher come out of the crouch, set him up at the top end of the strike zone, he continues to get out of the strike zone and then exposing him at-- at the end down in the strike zone.

So that's a common theme, but you think about it-- you have to make adjustments. And for you to survive in this game of baseball at this big league level and have that consistency, you're going to have to make changes. And I think the Padres are going to have to do that-- shorten their swings, whatever it is. But we con-- continue to see them exploited, especially from the Dodgers.

- 4 to 1 is the final score tonight.