Padres pitchers utilizing the pickoff move to get outs

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Padres pitchers utilizing a unique weapon to get outs

- Thank you, Don. We were just looking at one of the weapons that the Padres have that most teams don't. The pickoff move. So far, the Padres lead all of Major League Baseball with eight outs caused by those great moves by the lefthanders. Remember, it's not only the stolen bases shut down, but it also helps turn the double play by keeping those runners close. Here's what Andy had to say about his unique weapon.

- You think back to last year, Eric Lauer's or Josh Naylor ended up with a broken cheekbone because he kicked him off, basically first base, hit him in the face. That's as good a pick off move as you'll see. With Lauer, Lucchesi, they both have deception and the ability to get runners at first base.

And Clayton's been the best in the game for a number of years now. So it's nice to neutralize the running game. It's nice when you can look over there and pick an out up in a relatively cheap way from time to time.