Padres lefty Eric Lauer discusses his strong outing

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Padres lefty Eric Lauer discusses his strong outing

- Um, I would say it's definitely the most comfortable. It was more comfortable than the Dodgers game as far as just being able to throw my pitches and hit spots. So I would-- I would agree that it's probably the best so far.

REPORTER: As far as feeling comfortable out there, I know you'd mentioned a couple of things, the mental side, also the biggest, some physical changes. What do you think was the bigger factor for you tonight?

- Um, I think from the get-go making those physical changes, the small-- the slight adjustment with my front side that allowed me to settle in a little better and be confident behind every pitch. And execution-wise I think it helped, too, and that only played up the confidence factor.

REPORTER: You did a real nice job of pitching over some missed plays behind you, leaving runners on base. Did you just feel more in control of yourself in those situations than you had some of the previous [INAUDIBLE]?

- Definitely. Yeah, I wasn't pressing in those situations, because I knew I still had it behind me to be able to make the pitch. And that's just baseball. Things are going to happen behind you that you can't control, so you just got to look forward to the next pitch.

REPORTER: Looked like the curve ball early dropping a first strike was effective for you, also. Is something that you consciously were going to try to incorporate this game?

- Um, I wouldn't say consciously incorporating. It's kind of something that we've been doing, trying to use it more in different counts. That's something that we've been considering and looking into. But I don't think as far as-- as well as today went, I don't think I needed it any later, because I had the slider, and it was working.

REPORTER: The fact that you have made these adjustments and came out with this, does that also make it more say gratifying than the first one?

- Yeah, because I mean struggling, and then kind of making the adjustment, and being able to handle everything that's happened in the last few weeks, I think it helps me mentally get a little more comfortable, like I've been saying this whole time. Comfort's huge, and the small adjustments that we made have helped, and just overall comfort behind every pitch has been good.