Is LeBron’s legacy best saved if he doesn’t make this year’s NBA Finals?

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Is LeBron's legacy best saved if he doesn't make this year's NBA Finals?

- I do want to talk about some LeBron James with you. LeBron, I thought on Saturday-- LeBron to me, more so and even recent memory. And I know LeBron has had-- listen, he's had a playoffs for the ages. For a guy 33 years of age and in his 15th season, combined he already has more buzzer beaters in the playoffs than Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant combined. Yet it with even that being said, I thought that his performance on Saturday on display, was maybe the greatest reminder about he's the best basketball player in the world.

I mean, it is a lot of fun. How often do we get to watch someone that is absolutely the best at their craft on full display? From a defensive end, to the rim protection, to the steals, to the interior passing. His foot speed-- that added day off-- for the three days off that they had, you could see it in his body. You could see it in the Cleveland Cavaliers. And I thought that LeBron James may be the most ecstatically pleasing game I'd seen him have in quite some time.

I don't love doing LeBron versus MJ comparison. It's fun. The problem with it is, when you're saying one is greater, you're always saying that the other is lesser. And really, why bother in lessening either of them in their brilliance?

But the one thing that I will celebrate LeBron James at-- and perhaps even greater than Michael Jordan-- just because it's a minute played thing. And MJ went to college. I get that. LeBron, right out of high school is going to be able to accrue more minutes. But the grind of an NBA season is much more difficult than the grind of an NCAA season.

And so, if you look at all of the postseason played, all of even the Olympics and summer basketball that LeBron James has played, there is something that is captivating about his endurance. And can't we all respect and recognize drive determination and endurance? I mean, that's one thing that we want in all of our athletes.

One of the things that looked to be on full display this weekend was simply effort. You know, the debate about LeBron and MJ. One area that LeBron-- it is a bit jarring. LeBron has been to eight NBA finals, which is very impressive. That's two more than Michael Jordan. But when you look at the record-- when you put the records next to each other of what LeBron is in the outcomes. He's three and five. He's got three rings. He's lost five.

So if LeBron were to go to the NBA finals and lose again, he would have nine trips to the NBA finals, yet we do not see-- I do not see the Golden State Warriors falling to the Cleveland Cavaliers. It's just not realistic. That mean that LeBron would lose six and win three. A three and six all time record in the NBA finals. For those of you that love the debate of LeBron versus MJ, I actually would say it would make your debate much more difficult.

Now there is some absurdity in that. I mean, why in the world would it be anything but a plus for LeBron James to go to the finals with this roster. But just at face value-- which is what we do-- especially in the world that we live in today, which is 140 character or 280 character living. Looking at Lebron's all time record, if he were to go back to the NBA finals and lose, three wins six losses. I actually think it would be a knock on LeBron instead of just appreciating him getting back to the finals. While J.R. Smith on one shoulder, and Kevin Love on the other.