Christian Villanueva discusses his home run, getting back into a groove

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Villanueva hit his 12th home run and singled in the 9th.

- Thanks, guys. We're joined now by Christian Villanueva. David Longley is going to help us out with the translation.

Guys, we appreciate the time. Christian, first of all, how important was it for you guys to take this series to start off a long road trip?


- Yeah, it's really important. I think we've got the momentum. I think it's good to get on a good streak like that, and we've just got to continue on and bring that to Washington.

REPORTER: OK, we're going to talk about the home run in just a second, but first we need to talk about that single. 0-2 count-- just as important as the home run, possibly, in that situation. Great piece of two-strike hitting to keep that rally going.


- Yeah, I think it was a moment where I just had to keep things going, and then if you put the ball in play, anything can happen. And that's what I did.

REPORTER: OK. Well, you've got to talk about the home run. Congratulations. Home run number 12, but very significant.

You now tie the record for the most home runs hit by a Mexican-born rookie player in the history of Major League Baseball. Your thoughts? Your sense of pride in making that accomplishment?


- Yeah. First of all, thank you. But honestly, I try not to think about that. It's great. I'm happy, but I'm just trying to go out there and play my game. I'm trying to contribute, help the team win, and I'm glad that I was able to give my part.

REPORTER: Do you feel, though, a little added sense of responsibility culturally or to your country to continue to fight and put up those types of record-breaking numbers?


- Yeah, I mean, I do take it seriously. I know it's a big responsibility. I want to go out there and play well and represent my country, but also represent San Diego, which is the most important.

- Christian, congratulations. Thanks for the time.

- Thank you.

- All right. Christian Villanueva, guys. Setting some history for himself and for the country of Mexico, and obviously a big part in today's win. Guys, back over to you.