Jankowski talks about ‘simplifying’ his approach at the plate

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Jankowski talks about 'simplifying' his approach at the plate

- Yeah, just trying to simplify my leg kick a little bit. Kind of ventured off from the leg kick and doing a little more of kind of like a toe lift, toe tap type thing. And it just kind of keeps my head still and gets me a lot more selective at the plate in the zone.

ANNOUNCER: That's Travis Jankowski talking about the main adjustment that he's made to allow him to be hitting the ball as well as he had since being called up, guys. Now, he didn't have that leg kick two years ago when he was with Morgan Burkhart in Double-A. Now this year, when he returned to Triple-A at the end of spring training, Morgan Burkhart was his hitting coach again. And he said, hey, let's get back to what you were doing in Double-A. Let's get rid of the leg kick. Let's keep things simpler. And we see the results. Travis says he sees the ball a lot better, basically because his head's not moving. It's working out, guys.