Steven Brault talks about going to see Tony Gwynn’s HOF induction

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Steven Brault talks about going to see Tony Gwynn's HOF induction

- We actually drove to Cooperstown to see Tony Gwynn get inducted with Cal Ripken Jr. So yeah, we're big, big Padres fans.

ANALYST: That's a great story. So tell me about that trip to Cooperstown.

STEVEN BRAULT: It was awesome. My family kind of split into two. I have three older brothers, and one of my brothers went and my dad. And we grove across the country, and we went up to Cooperstown, watched him get inducted. Went to the the Hall of Fame, stopped a bunch of stadiums. Actually watched Padres play at, it was Veterans Stadium at the time.

Watched him play and in Colorado. I mean, we watched them play a bunch. And then on the way back we, you know, took our time again, and saw some more games. So it was a great trip.

ANALYST: You know, that's very cool. So given that background that you have following Padre baseball, your thoughts in terms of actually facing them for the first time? Any butterflies you think seeing your team standing there at the plate with Padres on the front of the jersey?

- Maybe a little bit. I don't think it will have too much of an effect I think it'll be different when we go to San Diego, and play against San Diego there, just because I've been that same so many times as a fan. So I think it'll be really cool to be able to go there and play. But I think still being here at PNC, you know, they're in our domain. And so it'll be a little bit different.