Jordan Lyles on his near-perfect game against Colorado

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Jordan Lyles took a perfect game into the 8th inning Thursday.

- All right, guys. Here with Jordan Lyles. What an outing today. You were aggressive. You had everything working for you. You were efficient. When did you know on the mound that you had something special going?

- I'm not exactly sure after which inning it was. I knew we were moving pretty quickly. The fastball command was really good. Raffy Lopez-- he had the right fingers going on today. He made everything I threw look pretty good back there.

But overall I think the fastball command was on point. And it was going pretty quickly. So around that fourth or fifth inning, maybe a little something special.

ANNE HEILBRUNN: Did you feel it on the mound? Just a different kind of feeling than in your other starts. And even with other teams.

JORDAN LYLES: Yeah, maybe after the 6th, or so, inning. I don't think I've taken something serious this late into the game. But overall, just pleased to have a good outing with my second start so far this season. Can't say enough of what Raffy did behind the plate today.

ANNE HEILBRUNN: You weren't even supposed to be in the rotation right now. You came out of the bullpen into the rotation. A strong first outing, a strong second outing. What can you say about the work that you've put in just to get to this point right now?

- I'm just thankful for the opportunity. I'm going to put my best foot forward. Continue to be aggressive, take that mindset that I had in the bullpen to start the season into these first two stars. And I'm going to continue with that going forward.

ANNE HEILBRUNN: Obviously, you want that team win. You would have wanted that no-hitter tonight. But are you still very proud of what you guys were able to accomplish today?

- Yeah. We got two in the first. And then Raffy and I were moving pretty quickly. We had a really good play at the middle in the third or fourth.

And then Christian, I feel like he's getting his stroke back after a little skid. But he put one in the seats to make it 4-0. And then we just tried to settle in after that. And then Trevor Story got a good slider off the end of the plate. And a good hitter put it in outfield, put in the grass.

ANNE HEILBRUNN: And then finally, Jordan, when this is going on, is anybody saying anything to you at this point? Is there any kind of rumblings in the dugout? What's happening?

- No, it's the usual. A lot of jokes are being said. There's a lot jokesters on the team. There's just a lot of guys. You wouldn't be able to tell what was going on during the game. We do a really good job of keeping it loose during the game.

- Very good Jordan. Thank you so much. Congratulations on a great outing. Mike, back up to you.