Ron Fowler: ‘Kevin Towers assembled arguably the best teams in Padres history’

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Ron Fowler 'Kevin Towers assembled arguably the best teams in Padres history'

- Chairman of our Padres, Ron Fowler.


- Thanks Teddy. Kevin Towers was one of the corner-- cornerstones-- cornerstones of this organization. Having spent 28 seasons with the Padres as a minor league pitcher, pitching coach, scout, scouting director, and general manager. KT was named the general manager in 1995, and served the Padres in that capacity for 15 years. He was a friend to all who worked with him. And his ability to both connect with and mentor his staff was remarkable.

Kevin was respected for his life for talent, particularly pitching. He established the Padre tradition of solid bullpens, which continues on today. KT served as the general manager of the Padres for four of our five National League West titles. And assembled, arguably, the greatest teams in franchise history. One of which went on to the National League Championship in 1998. And we're celebrating that team this weekend.

The Padres have a lot to be thankful for with the success of Kevin's teams. In many ways, as the architect of the 1998 ball club, you could say that Kevin Towers helped get Petco built. San Diegans will forever be indebted to KT for his contributions, and our ownership group is pleased to permanently honor Kevin Towers as the newest member of the Padres Hall of Fame. Thank you.