Matt Szczur talks about his deciding RBI double, winning on Gwynn’s birthday

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Matt Szczur talks about his deciding RBI double, winning on Gwynn's birthday

- We're joined by Matt Szczur. Matt, congratulations on the game winning hit tonight. How good did it feel when you see that ball leaving your bat and headed towards that gap?

- I mean, it felt great. You know, I just wanted to try and get a good pitch to hit and put a good swing on it, and I, you know, was able to get one first pitch. So it felt good.

BOB SCANLAN: Yeah, it's kind of interesting. You get the start today presumably to face the tough left-hander, but actually, you get the big hit against a right-hander. What are you looking for in that situation?

- Like I said, I'm just looking for a good pitch to hit and trying to-- trying to get a heater. You know, Gio does a great job at mixing his pitches, you know, and a lot of guys, you know, we sit on the fastball. And then he plays that and plays his changeup offense. So you know, he's just a great pitcher, and you know, he did a great job.

BOB SCANLAN: Speaking of great jobs, you've been getting the job done lately. You've gotten more plate appearances lately, 12 plate appearances in the last six ball games, and you've reached base six times. Just helping to see the pitching more often and just getting those plate appearances?

- Yeah, no doubt, and just grinding every at bat. You know, it's like you said, it's just tough going out there. But you know, me and Chase and, you know, other guys have a really good routine that we keep up with, and we, you know, feed off each other. You know, we-- we just grind it out every day, so it's fun.

BOB SCANLAN: How about this pitching staff, especially the bullpen? It seems like Stammen, Yates, Hand-- everybody's really been doing a nice job. What's that feeling when you guys know you have a lead late in the ballgame at this point?

- Yeah, I mean, it's great. You know, you know those guys are going to come in, throw strikes, and pound the zone, so you're going to get something to defend out there. It's fun to play behind.

BOB SCANLAN: Now, we've been celebrating, throughout the broadcast, Tony Gwynn's birthday. Mr. Padre, how good does it feel to honor him with a win tonight?

- You know, it's-- I didn't even think about it, but you know, it's pretty cool to think about now. You know, it's-- you know, he was a great player and a great man off the field, so it's good to get a win in his honor. You know?

- Matt, thanks for the time. Way to come through in the clutch.

- Thank you. Matt Szczur getting it done tonight, guys. Back over to you.