Tony Gwynn Jr. talks about the importance of SDSU to the Gwynn family

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Tony Gwynn Jr. talks about the importance of SDSU to the Gwynn family

DON ORSILLO: Bottom of the fifth inning. Brian Dutcher in the house here tonight as we talk about a former Aztec-- a couple of former Aztecs in fact. But what did it mean to your dad to be an Aztec?

TONY GWYNN JR: Oh, I mean, that meant a lot, and I didn't really realize it until I went there and got a chance to be an Aztec myself. Obviously, my dad, my uncle, my mom all went to San Diego State, and it was a big deal for me. And I think it hurt-- it hurt them a little bit when I originally committed to Cal State Fullerton.

You know, as a 17-year-old kid, you kind of want to-- you kind of want to get out on your own and do your own thing. But [INAUDIBLE] one time he's ever really impacted my decision making. I mean, he came in the room, kind of had this somber look on his face. He was like, hey, man, you know, Coach [INAUDIBLE] holding onto that job for me until I retire.

And I was like, really? Thinking that he's nowhere near, you know, ready to quit. But at that moment, I think I realized that he was serious about it, and I thought to myself, how many opportunities would I ever have to play for my dad?

At that point, it became an easy decision. Coach Horton, who was the head coach at that time at Cal State Fullerton was really gracious in letting me out of my commitment, and he understood. It was kind of-- it was kind of tough for him to keep me there knowing, you know, that my dad was eventually going to take over as being the head coach.

MARK SWEENEY: T, for people.