Andy Green comments on the 4-0 loss

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Andy Green comments on the 4-0 loss

- I thought he was probably as good in the Mets game. But, no, he was sharp today. I loved what he did. He attacked early. Probably the one mistake is probably-- wasn't even really a big mistake. The fastball to Adams was a nice swing he put on it. And outside of that, I thought Clayton was really good all day. And we just didn't do anything offensively to support him today.

- Hellickson did a nice job of keeping you off balance back and forth.

- Yeah. When he's on-- and I had him in Arizona. So I've seen him when he's on. When he's on, he's got a plus-plus breaking ball. He had that today. Really gets in on hands to speed guys up and really has a feel of the pitch.

There's days when he doesn't have that breaking ball and he gets funneled to the middle of the plate. He gets squared up from time to time. But I've seen him throw some really good baseball games. I thought he threw the ball well today and breaking ball was real.

- I know there've been positive signs and you've pointed them all out. How frustrating does it get? I mean, this is the fifth time you've been shut out. Three hits or less quite a few times.

- Yeah, it's not the type of offensive performance we want. I think when you look at the last three days prior to this, we're averaging 5 or 6 runs a game for three straight days. There's an ebb and a flow to the baseball season where you don't drop five or six runs a day on people and you have some rough games.

Being able to scratch some runs across to score. It's necessary at times. We didn't do that tonight.

- I feel like with the amount of times that you guys strike out that you're susceptible to the one, two, zero, three hits in a night?

- I think probably where the difference lies right now is last year we got into this situation, we also hit balls out of the ballpark. And you're looking up and without Will, without Hunter, 56 of our home runs missing from our lineup right now. So if you have a rough offensive day, power kind of mitigates that a little bit and you end up with a run or two. Or somebody hits a two run home run and the score's 3-2.

Still end up on the wrong end of it. You need to have more consistent at bats, but there's been definitely a loss of power in our lineup. We feel that right now, I think.

- You clearly were-- except for the time when you put the-- I think it was the tying run at that point at the time came to the plate. You had people up in the pen, but you were with Clayton all the way. Can you just talk about that decision? What made you say, hey, he's still got it?

- He looked good all day. Probably had another inning in him if he needed to. Ran into that part of the lineup right there with Zimmerman, who has historically had good at-bats against him. Had a nice swing against him in the first at bat.

But I just thought he looked crisp today. There was never really a need to go get him. And I think he proved that right by throwing the ball really well for us.

- [INAUDIBLE] challenge in the crew chief appeal. Was the discussion over which one was to come first or whether you were going to get the appeal? What was the discussion over that?

- Once Trip called time, you couldn't appeal third base until you put the ball back into play. And if you put the ball back into play, then you couldn't appeal the plate. So we had to just kind of work through the order of those appeals that way in order to be able to do both of them. Both were very close from our replay guys.

I obviously don't get to see the play at third. I'm going off what I'm hearing. So you had to appeal the one at the plate, then step off, and then appeal to one to third base. And so it was a logistics type thing just to get through the rules correctly.