WATCH: Exclusive One-On-One Interview with Nick Hardwick

San Diego Charger great Nick Hardwick was the focus of this week’s “Inside San Diego Sports,” and the former Pro Bowler talked at length with host Mike Pomeranz about his path to the NFL, how injuries have impacted his career and life after football, and his transformation from a star player to a civilian.

Hardwick had always been a fan favorite for Charger fans while playing for the Bolts, and he became an even bigger name for San Diegans when he spoke passionately about keeping the Chargers in San Diego prior to and after the team announced its plans to relocate to Los Angeles. Watch the full-length interview in three parts below.

Part 1

In Part 1 below, Hardwick tells the story of his path to the NFL, starting from his high school days as a short kid unsure of what sport he wanted to play, to walking on to the Purdue football team and getting the call from Marty Schottenheimer on NFL Draft Day. The former Chargers offensive lineman also talks about how he became a center, what it was like playing with Philip Rivers and why he felt relief when doctors told him he needed to retire in 2014 due to his injuries.

Part 2

In Part 2, Nick continues his sit-down conversation with Mike Pomeranz, detailing his dramatic weight changes from high school to the NFL and after. He also discusses his post-football complications with injuries, and why he’d recommend young kids today to choose another sport besides football.

Part 3

In the final part of Nick Hardwick’s one-on-one interview with Mike Pomeranz, he talks about his life changing from football star to civilian and how much the Chargers’ relocation impacted his life and career. Nick also tells Mike why he decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and the significance that experience had on him. Nick wraps up his conversation explaining the stories behind the numerous tattoos that cover his body, and why he doesn’t feel as intimidating now as he did when he played, but more “artsy.”