Spring Training 2019: Padres pack up gear, hit the road for Peoria

The Padres are headed to Peoria.

Dozens of team employees, and one Swingin’ Friar, loaded thousands of items onto equipment trucks which departed Petco Park on Wednesday afternoon.

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The Padres are in their 26th season of playing in Peoria and coming off a 66-96 mark in 2018.

The 25 total pallets included:

10,000 12oz POWERADE cups

2,400 baseballs

2,000 short and long sleve shirts

1200 bats

600 pairs of pants

600 BP hats

450 pairs of socks

350 pairs of shorts

250 BP tops

200 light jackets

150 batting gloves

140 batting helmets

125 leather and elastic belts

75 assorted spike, plastic and turf shoes

40 heavy jackets

25 sets of golf clubs

20 coolers of powerade mix

6 bikes

See you in Arizona!