Petco Park floods amidst San Diego storm, locals call for action

The city of San Diego, known for its year-round sunny skies, saw the most rain touch San Diego soil in 13 years on Monday, leaving the city’s most prized diamond underwater.

San Diego’s Petco Park was flooded on Monday after the storm, and Fox 5 San Diego turned to Twitter to report on the soggy San Diego stadium.

As mentioned in the tweet, the San Diego Padres are practicing in Arizona for spring training, so the team’s schedule remains relatively unaffected. However, San Diego locals still want to soak up some of the fun in Petco Pond before it returns to normal.

In response to Fox 5 San Diego’s tweet, some have called for a boat show or a water skiing event to be hosted on the water, while others have even asked to freeze the water to create an outdoor stadium for the AHL’s San Diego Gulls.

Realistically, Petco Park’s grounds crew may splash around a time or two, but that will be about it in terms of fun activities in San Diego’s newest lake. The grounds crew will instead dial most of their efforts towards drying off the stadium and after its long overdue bath to return it to working order.