Dick Enberg delivers a segment lying on the press box floor

Dick Enberg delivers his pick for "Pick the Stick" while lying on the floor of the press box.

Before every San Diego Padres game on FOX Sports San Diego, the Padres Live crew alongside game commentators Dick Enberg, Mark Grant and Kris Budden play "Pick the Stick" where they each select one player from the Padres to get them points via their performance on the field.  

Throughout the season the standings are shown and a lot of trash talking ensues as the crew competes for the title and the "Pick the Stick Gnome" — which is the trophy given out to the winner at the end of the season.

Hall of Famer Dick Enberg was in last place going into Thursday afternoon’s game, trailing the leader Mark Grant by 76 points.

Mark Sweeney and Kris Budden gave their picks for the day before sending it to Dick Enberg in the press box, who was lying on the floor right next to Mark Grant’s feet. As you’ll see in the video, the whole crew erupted into laughter while Enberg nearly goes the whole segment without cracking.

During the game, Enberg explained why he was "on the floor" which you can read below the video.

"The reason why that happened, there’s really a good reason actually. Well, because that Mike, what’s his name ‘Pomegranate’ on the pregame show… Well he said that since next year’s my last year and I’m in last place this year… And I suggested we discontinue Pick the Stick… [He said] that I’m doomed for the cellar and that I’ll be on the floor all year… So I figured I might as well get used to it."