Strauss: 'Physical game is in South Africa's DNA'

LONDON (AP) Springboks captain Adriaan Strauss brushed off comments by England coach Eddie Jones that South Africa's playing style was like ''chess on steroids'' and they ''never change.''

South Africa has gambled on a massive pack to at least blunt England's strength up front on Saturday at Twickenham, and the backline was changed almost entirely after leaking nine tries to New Zealand in its last test a month ago.

Strauss said at the captain's run on Friday their game was evolving.

''We are moving towards a style we do want to play. We know we're a long way from getting that right,'' he said.

''We do want to play a physical game, it's in South Africa's DNA, and it's our brand of rugby. We also want to grow and adapt. We've been doing that this year. We know we haven't executed yet, but the intention is there.''

Light rain is forecast during the match, and should enhance South Africa's prospects.

''We are preparing for (rain),'' Strauss said. ''It does help us, but it also helps England as they have a team well equipped to play a wet weather game, too.

''England have a great contestable kicking game, which is crucial in a wet-weather match, and they also maul very well. We are expecting a lot of mauling from them. Both teams have similar strengths so I don't think wet weather will have a negative impact on either one of them.''

The Springboks have won 12 in a row against England.