LOS ANGELES – FOX Sports continued its NFL Divisional Round coverage today with FOX NFL SUNDAY, before Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints hosted Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 6:40 PM ET on FOX.

Earlier, FOX NFL SUNDAY analysts, NFL insider Jay Glazer and reporters Erin Andrews and Tom Rinaldi weighed in on the day’s biggest games, moments and storylines.

In addition, Andrews sat down with Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin to talk about the team’s success this season and how it took time for the chemistry to develop among Tom Brady and his offensive weapons.

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Andrews: What does it feel like to be in the playoffs in Tampa Bay? That hasn’t happened in quite some time, my friend.

Godwin: “That is 100 percent correct.”

Andrews: You haven’t heard that at all.

Godwin: “Have not heard that one.”

Andrews: I asked your quarterback for a couple of nuggets on you. He didn’t say ‘great’ once. He said ‘great’ twice — great, great hands. Smooth route runner. He loves you, but take me back when you first had to meet him and try to practice with him.

Godwin: “I think the very first time…it’s a little nerve racking. I watched Tom play my entire childhood. He might almost be 20 years older than me, which is crazy.”

Andrews: Shhh.

Godwin: “Seeing him from afar and watching how accomplished he is and just hearing about how fiery he is. But when I got out there and just got a feel for him, within the first ten minutes I was like, it’s going to be so different than whatever I was expecting. He really just made you feel right at home.”

Andrews: I had spoken to Tom and Rob about this was the best roster they had ever played with. I mean, let’s go, baby. This treasure chest was huge. But everybody has to learn how to play together. I mean how difficult is that really?

Godwin: “It is unbelievably hard. There’s so many little things that go into building that chemistry and figuring out how to design plays for the right guys and figuring out how we mesh well together. It didn’t click at first. We received glimpses of it. Tom would make a great pass and you were just like, ‘Whoa!’ We have the guys that we need, but you can’t expedite the process of creating chemistry.”

Andrews: The Saints had your number during the regular season. What is the biggest difference with your group heading into round three with New Orleans?

Godwin: “Wow, I think the biggest difference would probably just be our confidence and our continuity. And I think that that’s come over the progression of the season and working throughout the entire year through the ups and downs and just really finding where we are and where we want to be. I know Tom’s fired up. I know the rest of us are fired up. We’re locked in. It’ll be a really good show.”