On today’s edition of BIG NOON KICKOFF, live from The Horseshoe in Columbus, host Rob Stone, analysts Brady Quinn, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Urban Meyer and reporter Bruce Feldman preview today’s top-10 Big Ten showdown between No. 9 Indiana and No. 3 Ohio State, take a look at the state of the Big Ten, look ahead to this evening’s Bedlam game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and more.

Meyer on the challenges of playing in cold, rainy weather:
“When I was a coach, you had to act like it didn’t bother you. I hate this. This is awful. If I was a coach, I’m running around the hotel right now making sure the balls are all correct, not letting the running backs or receivers wear long sleeved shirts because of ball security.

“Three reasons – No. 1, energy. It’s a scrimmage-type atmosphere with no fans. Where will the energy come from? No. 2, ball security – throw and catch. And finally, special teams. I’m telling you, I’d be a mess right now. I just can’t stand this kind of environment.”

Meyer discusses what makes Indiana’s Tom Allen a successful coach:
“I’ve seen many, many coaches fail over the years because they’re very talented guys, but they don’t follow these two rules. On Page 1, if there was a coach’s manual, this is what it would say. No. 1, to be a successful coach, especially in the year 2020, you have to be real. I’m not talking about real with the media – real with your players. Be who you are. Don’t try to be someone else. And No. 2, always put your players first. Tom Allen, Ryan Day, you can see programs that do this. It’s because the players are always first.”

Leinart on why Indiana’s players like playing for Allen:
“I talked with Michael Penix, Indiana’s quarterback, this week. And the first thing he said, the reason why he chose Indiana was because Tom Allen believed in him. He believed in his ability and believes in all the rest of the team. That’s why they’re having so much success. The thing I love about him is he’s passionate. He’s emotional and energetic. It’s genuine. He’s authentic. These players want to run through a wall for him. He wants to run through a wall for his coaches. When you have that loyalty, that trust, that commitment in each other, you’re going to win a lot of football games.”

Urban’s Playbook looks at how coaches can make sure their best players touch the ball:

Meyer says the Big Ten should be flexible with its minimum games required to play in its conference championship:
“Wisconsin, in the last 20 years, I would put them as a top 10 program – maybe not in wins but talking about consistency and identity. The Big Ten made some bold statements early in the year, saying we are not going to revisit this – this is the way it is. That’s wrong. You are going to have to revisit it. If Wisconsin is one of the best teams, which I think they are, and they play maybe five games – play a midweek game. You can’t do that to the players. Their shelf life is done.

“Let them find a way. Bend your knees, bend your ankles, be flexible. Change the rules, change whatever you’ve got to change. Adapt. That would not be right to keep Wisconsin out of the Big Ten Championship.”

Quinn says Penn State has been the biggest surprise in the Big Ten this season:
“The biggest surprise is Penn State. We were talking about this before the season started. We thought that they would be the toughest opponent for Ohio State. We thought they might have an outside chance of getting into the Playoff. They are 0-for the season.

“Remember, this is a team that returned eight starters on offense. Quarterback Sean Clifford threw seven interceptions all last year – he already has six this year. I know they’ve been banged up at the running back position, but they haven’t been able to run the football effectively. They’re giving up too many yards on the ground. Their defense right now – which has been one of the best scoring defenses in the Big Ten in past years – they are on a historic pace. This could be the worst points-per-game average, if this sustains itself, ever in Penn State history.”

Bush says the time is right for Oklahoma State to step up and win the Big 12:
“For me, it is not always about X’s and O’s. I have a question for Oklahoma State, and it is, ‘Or what?’ Are you guys ready to win the Big 12, or what? This is the best opportunity that you are going to have. You’ve got a good defense. You’ve got a good offense. You’ve got a great coach. Are your playmakers going to show up in the most important game, or what?

“The last question, are you tired of being considered the little brother to Oklahoma, or what? Because at the end of the day, sometimes it is not just about X’s and O’s. It is about showing up and hitting somebody in the mouth and also about the playmakers showing up when the bright lights turn on.”

Feldman reports on the circumstances surrounding the postponement of today’s scheduled game between Florida State and Clemson:
“From what I understand, FSU was concerned because it came out that Clemson had a player who was on this trip who had gotten a positive COVID test. And FSU, which says it does not have any COVID issues within its program, has been concerned about potential spread. Now, worth keeping in mind is both schools do have an open date on December 12th.”