Today on BIG NOON KICKOFF live from Columbus, Ohio, host Rob Stone and analysts Brady Quinn, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Urban Meyer celebrate the return of Big Ten football, break down the evolution of play calling and share their top storylines at this point in the college football season.

Quinn on the return of Big Ten football:
“I’m thankful the Big Ten is back. It’s so appropriate that Nebraska and Ohio State are the two teams to square off, because these are the two teams – the parents, the players and the coaches – they fought for this opportunity. They fought for the Big Ten to come back.”

Bush is curious to see how Big Ten teams will handle the abbreviated schedule?
“Which team can handle this schedule the best?”

“Some of these players are going to see what it’s like to play in an NFL type schedule when you have no room for error – every game is magnified.”

Meyer says today is a celebration of the student-athletes:
“Today is all about the players. It’s not about commissioners, it’s not about ADs, and certainly not about coaches. This is about the warriors on the field.”

“I’m excited to see arguably one of the most talented Ohio State offenses of all time. Every player on the starting 11 will be drafted in the NFL.”

In “Urban’s Playbook,” Meyer breaks down how play calling has evolved and what goes in to getting the play to the players on the field:
“Get the darn ball to your best players – that’s what coordinators and play-callers do.”

“The art of play-calling is a full-time job.”

Bush says getting the ball to the best players typically pays off:
“Getting the ball to your best players early and often usually pays off. I was a product of the environment and the people around me and the play-callers around me.”

Emmy Award winning broadcaster Tom Verducci highlights some of the best traditions in college football, including Ohio State’s storied “dotting the i.”

Leinart sat down with Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields to discuss how he dealt with uncertainty during the off-season:

Meyer says a two-loss SEC team could be a factor in the College Football Playoff conversation:
“We all discussed the SEC playing an unprecedented 10-game schedule. We all thought for sure they would beat each other up. That’s what’s happening. However, Alabama’s starting to separate. Alabama’s an elite team. But there are going to be at least two losses by every team other than Alabama in the SEC. That’s going to be a major storyline as this thing continues.”

Quinn says all eyes are on Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields with the Big Ten’s return to play:
“He’s going to be the player that everyone’s excited about watching this year – in part because of what he did last year, but really, what he can be in the future. We all know about Trevor Lawrence – everyone assumes he’s going to be the No. 1 overall pick in the Draft – Justin Fields is the guy who can change that narrative, and it starts today.”

Ahead of tonight’s game between Michigan and Minnesota, Meyer explains why momentum is important in college football:
“Momentum, especially in the college game is so critical, because when you finish strong like Minnesota, they beat Auburn, they go into recruiting in the offseason with great momentum.”

“I’m a little concerned about the Wolverines right now. The coaching staff has got to get momentum back. I used to say this to our staff and our players – at what cost? All cost. You don’t have to win this game. You have to win it big. You need momentum in your program.”