Week 6 of the 2020 FOX NFL season kicked off today with a doubleheader highlighted by future Hall of Fame quarterbacks Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in AMERICA’S GAME OF THE WEEK.

Ahead of the big matchup, Erin Andrews sat down with Aaron Rodgers to discuss the season so far and his role on the team beyond the field.

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Andrews: Last year, the media loved to run wild with “Are Aaron and Matt LaFleur getting along. Are they friends? Are you not friends?” Look at what you’re doing on the field right now in year two.

Rodgers: “I just think the comfort in the offense for everybody is way higher than it was last year. I think Matt is settled in in his play calling and I’ve settled in with my ability to run this offense. Everything is just kinda clicking pretty good for us.”

Andrews: Now, the other thing the media can give you a hard time about is “Now I’m playing pretty well because the organization thinks they lit a fire under my rear end because they brought in a quarterback.” What I love is the story about Week 2 where you grabbed Jordan Love after the win and you said “Hey, take this all in.”

Rodgers: “I think that’s part of my role as the older player in the room. Part of the legacy part is how you treat your teammates. For a guy like him who’s going to be a future starter in the league, I think it’s important to notice everything. I’m sure he is, but just a reminder about certain things that are important and feelings to grasp on to and to give you things to daydream about and dream at night about. That’s what I was doing when I was a young player, trying to soak up everything from (Brett) Favre. I just wanted to remind him how special those feelings are. I think those are cool moments to kinda take with you.”

Andrews: What can you sit back and say you’ve admired about Tom (Brady) from the many many years he’s played?

Rodgers: “As a young player, not playing, I loved watching top quarterbacks around the league because I wanted to see if I could pick things up from them.”

Andrews: What did you think of the move?

Rodgers: “I was trying to put myself in his shoes, thinking about what would that be like after twenty plus years in one organization, and I can imagine it’s probably a little bit of a shock.”

Andrews: Could you ever envision a scenario like that going to another team after doing everything you’ve done in Green Bay?

Rodgers: “I understand that’s a very real possibility. I think that’s part of the growth, just finding peace about all that and not having any bitterness about the situation or the potential reality or towards your organization. Obviously, would be a sad reality just cause I love this place and I’ve spent so many years here. That’s life sometimes. You deal with the ups and downs and you try to stay positive. The sixteen years I’ve played here has been a dream come true. Hopefully we can play a few more years here, but I’m really content with what we’ve accomplished.”