Today on BIG NOON KICKOFF, host Rob Stone, analysts Brady Quinn, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Urban Meyer and lead game analyst Joel Klatt looked at the relationship between college football and the WWE, examine the spread offense in the SEC, preview the Big Ten, relive the “Bush Push” and more.

Pro wrestling and football – they go together like Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush; Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow. They’re a pair that just mesh.

Roman Reigns, former defensive lineman at Georgia Tech:
“Playing college football prepared me for the WWE. It allowed me to build toughness – you have to be really tough to handle the ring.”

“College football is one of the most passionate levels of football out there – even in sports in general – and I think that really connects with the WWE and the WWE Universe.”

King Corbin, former offensive lineman at Northwest Missouri State:
“When your adrenaline’s up and you’re feeling that emotion, you’re capable of amazing things, and you see it every day in football and in the WWE.”

Big E, former defensive lineman at Iowa:
“I’m so grateful for the lessons that I learned in Iowa City – and those are things that I learned at 18 that I still take with me now at 34.”

In this week’s edition of Urban’s Playbook, Coach gives his criteria for going for two:

Urban Meyer and Brady Quinn look at how the spread offense is taking over the SEC:

Meyer says the spread can be virtually impossible to defend:
“I used to tell our players this: if properly executed, you can’t defend the spread.”

Quinn says communication and timing are the keys for a quarterback running the spread:
“Two big keys for the quarterback when you run this sort of offense – communication is vital to be able to move that fast, and the other thing is, you’ve got to be in a hurry, but you can’t be rushed.”

Lead FOX College Football game analyst Joel Klatt joins BIG NOON KICKOFF for a discussion on the Big Ten and says no “White Out” for Ohio State’s game at Penn State could define the teams’ season:
“Ohio State gets to travel to State College, and they don’t have to deal with the White Out. That environment is one of the best and most difficult environments to play in in all of college football. And I can tell you from experience, having been out on the road so far this season – guess what I’ve seen at every home venue? A road team win. The opposing offense is able to operate with full autonomy – they can change the snap count; they can change the play. That is a huge advantage, in particular for an offensive oriented head coach in Ryan Day and an experienced quarterback in Justin Fields. I think that might be the biggest factor in the entire Big Ten schedule is the fact that Ohio State doesn’t have to deal with the traditional White Out.”

Leinart and Bush talk about the famed “Bush Push” game vs. Notre Dame 15 years ago:

Leinart and Bush step inside Club Heisman with a look at who’s in the VIP section and who’s still waiting in line: