On this morning’s edition of BIG NOON KICKOFF, FOX Sports announced select games of its Pac-12 schedule, including Arizona State at USC on Saturday, Nov. 7, in the network’s first West Coast BIG NOON SATURDAY game of the week. More information on FOX Sports’ Pac-12 schedule can be found HERE.

Pac-12 Games on FOX Sports

USC Head Coach Clay Helton joined BIG NOON KICKOFF to discuss the Trojans’ 9:00 AM local kickoff vs. Arizona State:
“As coaches and players, we’re grateful for the opportunity to play a game, and play a great game – USC-Arizona State, two national profile quarterbacks going on display – at a time that I think the whole nation is going to be watching. We’re excited. You want to be under the brightest lights on the brightest stage, and right off the bat, game one, you’re in that situation. We’re grateful as a staff and as a team.”

Urban Meyer and Brady Quinn open up Urban’s Playbook to see how Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger compares to two-time national champion Tim Tebow:

Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart break down who’s on the VIP list at Club Heisman:

Bush reacts to Texas players leading the initiative to change the name of the field at Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium to Campbell-Williams Field:
“It wouldn’t be possible without the current players advocating for change. That’s the part I love the most about this is that they didn’t forget about the guys that paved the way for them. They remembered them, and they wanted to do something to honor them.”

Quinn credits the Texas players for using their voices:
Right now, players are using their voice; they’re using this platform to create change, and that’s what’s so special about it. Forevermore now, every single group, every time they walk out of that tunnel at those home games, they’re going to see the change that they helped create for years and years to come. That’s powerful.

Meyer says Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler is important to getting the Sooners back on track:
“Lincoln Riley – excellent coach – he’s never been in this situation ever. At Oklahoma, he’s always had veteran quarterbacks, now he has a redshirt freshman that, right now, once you lose your confidence, that is the most fragile position. At that position, unless he gets his confidence back, Oklahoma’s in for a long run here.”

Quinn says there’s still time for Oklahoma to rebound and make the College Football Playoff:
“Every year they’ve been a part of the College Football Playoff, they’ve dropped a game and they’ve been able to bounce back. Lincoln Riley’s been through this before. I think he can help guide Spencer Rattler, who may be young, but it’s not impossible for them to be able to make the fixes and for him to be able to make some of those fixes. Generally, with the College Football Playoff, you can lose early – you just can’t lose late.”

Bush is looking for Oklahoma’s defense to improve:
“Once they start to tackle better and to start to implement that aggressive mentality on defense, that’s when they’ll start to elevate their play across the board”

Meyer says minimizing missed tackles will be important for Texas:
“Missed tackles – double-digit missed tackles – you’re going to lose that game. We were undefeated for seven years at Ohio State with single digit missed tackles. I still have confidence in Chris Ash – I know they didn’t look good last week. They’re getting better. They will get better.”

Leinart says coaching changes have hurt Texas’ ability to recruit top talent, especially at the quarterback position:
“When I go back and look at the last decade, they’ve had a new play caller almost every single year. That makes me as a quarterback say I’m not sure I want to go to Texas, because I don’t know if my coach is going to be there after a year.”