Brothers Discuss Humble Beginnings and Notable Careers

Club Shay Shay, the hot new podcast hosted by Shannon Sharpe, premieres today on FOX Sports digital platforms and wherever podcasts are found. The debut episode features Shannon’s brother, Sterling, and the two talk about growing up in rural south Georgia, the impact they had on one another as people and football players, the Hall of Fame, and much more. Select quotes are below.

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Sterling addresses whether he thinks he should be in the Hall of Fame:
“If the Hall of Fame is for what you did – everybody always talks about with me, what I didn’t do. And they go, if he would have played longer. And I always say, well, if you collect rocks, and I collect rocks for three years and you collect rocks for seven years, there’s a good chance you’re going to have more rocks than me.”

“When I look at the Hall of Fame, in my seven years I led a receiving category – either catches, yards or touchdowns – I did that a lot. And I did that in Green Bay, Wis., and I did not do that with Hall of Fame quarterbacks.”

“I’ve got no problem with anybody who’s in. But if you’re saying I needed to play longer, then you’re punishing me, because those guys played 12, 13, 14 years. If it took them 12, 13, 14 years to do what I did in seven, then are they Hall of Famers? I’m not knocking anybody; I’m just making an argument. I don’t think about it. I don’t talk about it.”

“They always talk about what I didn’t do, but not many people saw what I did with the coverage that we got in Green Bay – it’s not like the coverage that you have in professional sports right now. I’ll take my seven years, and you take any receiver’s best seven years – just take their best seven years – I like the way my numbers stack up. It’s not my fault that I only played seven years.”

Sterling on Shannon not being voted into the Hall of Fame in his first year eligible:
“When you didn’t get selected that first year, I think that was probably the lowest I’d ever seen you.”

Shannon on why he was disappointed to not get voted in on the first ballot:
“I was disappointed because I’m saying to myself, if you didn’t like my numbers this year, it’s not like I can add to it next year. And if you don’t like them next year, it’s not like I can add to them on the third year.”

“I thought it was about winning. Well, no tight end at the time had won more games than I had won. Very few tight ends had had the career that I had with the eight Pro Bowls, with the All-Pro selections, the 50-catch seasons, the thousand-yard seasons – nobody had ever done that – first tight end with 700 catches, 800 catches; with 8,000, 9,000, 10,000 yards. And I’m like, wait a minute, so what do you need? I thought it was about winning. And then, come to find out, winning only matters if they want you to get in. I don’t believe you should come up with a reason to keep somebody out.”

Sterling on why he didn’t talk to media in Green Bay:
“I was never asked a question – for me – that I could answer. I was always asked loaded questions.”

“It was kind of – they never asked me. They were always asking loaded questions. I was like, I’m going to make them want to talk to me, and then I’m not going to talk.”

“It started out as a two-fold thing, but then you know what it did? It worked for me. Because the biggest thing that helped me is, I didn’t have to – as a first-round draft pick in the small fishbowl of Green Bay, Wis. – I didn’t have to defend how I played.”