Tonight’s FOX NFL THURSDAY features an exclusive with quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyler Murray in their first-ever network sit-down interviews as leaders of the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals, respectively.

FOX NFL KICKOFF host Charissa Thompson and FOX NFL sideline reporter Kristina Pink sit down with Garoppolo and Murray, respectively, prior to FOX’s THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL PRESENTED BY BUD LIGHT PLATINUM matchup between their teams.

Garoppolo discusses his team’s 7-0 season, returning from knee injury, Tom Brady’s record and Joe Montana, among other topics.

Murray shares his journey from Gatorade Player of the Year in high school to backup quarterback at Texas A&M to backup at Oklahoma and, subsequently, his Heisman Trophy win and No. 1 NFL Draft selection, among other topics.

Quotes from tonight’s interviews:

Murray on whether he has a timetable in mind for the Cardinals:
“I don’t really put a timetable on us. For me I think we’re a very good team. I think, obviously, people are going to say what they want to say about us. But at the end of the day, like I said, we’re the ones on the field. We go out and execute. I feel like we have a good chance against anybody.”

Murray on his NFL “eye opener:”
“Guys are a lot smarter. Defenders are a lot smarter. They’re faster, they’re bigger, stronger. It’s the best of the best. Each and every weekend, that’s what you’re going to get. There’s really no bad teams in the league. And I think that’s one thing that people don’t really realize. Everybody’s got guys and every team is good, and if you don’t respect them you can get beat on any given Sunday.”

Garoppolo on what makes his defense special:
“How they work together. It’s not one guy making the play. One game is the D line making the play. The next game, we got two, three interceptions in the secondary. And just how they all complement each other. I don’t know – it’s contagious and it doesn’t matter who’s in there. Someone’s going to make a play.”

FOX NFL THURSDAY airs live from New York tonight at 7:30 PM ET with host Michael Strahan and analysts Tony Gonzalez and Reggie Bush.