Earlier today NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal appeared on FS1’s FIRST THINGS FIRST WITH CRIS CARTER, NICK WRIGHT AND JENNA WOLFE to discuss a variety of hot topics in the NBA, including the Lakers trade for New Orleans Pelicans center Anthony Davis, the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championship and the upcoming free agent market.

Below are a few highlights from this morning’s interview.

If O’Neal were running the Lakers and had to choose spending the available cap room on one big name player or spreading it around to multiple players, he would you choose…

“If I was the Lakers owner, I wouldn’t care about the salary cap, I’d try to get back to prominence. I gotta go for the 1-2-3 punch. If it’s Kemba Walker or Kawhi Leonard, I’m gonna try to get them. I’m going to guarantee we win like the Golden State owner did.”

O’Neal doesn’t believe LeBron and Anthony Davis are the best duo in the NBA right now:

“No. I still like Steph and Clay, Steph and KD. Just from what they have done the past four, five, six years. Of course, when you put LeBron and AD together, it looks fabulous, but they haven’t stepped on the court yet.”

O’Neal on whether or not Lakers GM Rob Pelinka can get it done:

“He has to get it done. This is what the Lakers need. This is what they are used to.”

O’Neal thinks the Lakers shouldn’t overlook Jerry West:

“If I am in charge of the Larkers, Jerry West is the greatest basketball mind ever. When I was signing, he said to me, ‘I got this young kid coming in by the name of Kobe Bryant, you & him are going to win multiple championships.’ Jerry West is right across the hall; the Lakers should give him a call.”

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