FIFA World Cup™ on FOX Programming Highlights: Saturday Afternoon, July 7

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FOX Sports lead studio analyst Alexi Lalas believes Russia’s run through the tournament contributed to this being the best World Cup ever:

“This is Russia going out in the quarterfinals in the 2018 World Cup — a place they never thought they’d be, and a place most of Russia never thought they’d be. And each and every game, they got bigger and bigger and bigger. For drama, for surprises, for emotion, and for passion, this has got to be the greatest World Cup ever. And it’s still not over.”

FOX Sports studio analyst and former Russia National Team coach Guus Hiddink says Luka Modric led Croatia today, but wonders what toll this match took:

“You see in the last penalty, he has a lot of experience. He’s experienced this tension many times. He was very cool in executing it. Modric was doing a great job, and even late in the game, making deep penetration on both sides, so it seems he’s very fit. The only thing for Croatia now is, I’m not so concerned about physical fitness, but it’s the mental freshness they must have against England if they want to have a chance.”

FOX Sports studio analyst and former England women’s international Kelly Smith believes England will hold the edge against Croatia because of the long match:

“England will be very happy they have the extra 30 minutes of Modric playing, emotionally and physically. It’s going to take him a while to recover from this. Then they have to go against a very tough England side.”

FOX Sports lead studio host Rob Stone on England’s chances against Croatia in the semifinals:

“If you’re England, you just might be licking your chops. You’re seeing an absolutely exhausted Croatia. They’ve been pushed to the limit in back-to-back games, and now they have to pack their bags and head to Moscow for the semifinals on Wednesday against England to play for a spot in the final.”

Lalas on Russia’s tournament run impacting the country:

“It’s historic. It’s going to live long in the memories of the Russian people… I hope people see the way this team has impacted the people here… Kids are going to be acting this out. This team, because of what they did, is going to impact this country and culture for a long time.”

Smith on Russia’s impact on the country through the tournament:

“It’s sad to see Russia leave the tournament like this, on penalties. They’ve captured the hearts of this nation. They’ve gone so far in this tournament and it’s a shame to see them go home, but it’s been fantastic to watch them play the way they have. They haven’t the most talented or technical team, but they found their way through the tournament to get to this stage, and I applaud them for that.”

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