FIFA World Cup™ on FOX Programming Highlights: Monday Afternoon, July 2

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  •  Brazil def. Mexico, 2-0 (WATCH: 90 in 90: Brazil vs. Mexico)
  • Belgium def. Japan, 3-2 (WATCH: 90 in 90: Belgium vs. Japan)
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  • 8:00 PM – FIFA WORLD CUP Match of the Day: Belgium vs Japan (FS1)
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FOX Sports lead studio host Rob Stone cites Belgium’s deep roster in the team’s come-from-behind victory against Japan:

“Belgium were one of the favorites. They were tested. They were pushed, and they showed a massive amount of resolve. The depth on this team is off the charts, and that depth paid off tonight.”

FOX Sports game analyst Tony Meola on Belgium’s amazing come-from behind victory:

“We went from one of the greatest upsets to one of the greatest comebacks that we’ve ever seen. You’ve got to give Japan credit and feel the heartache for them. They came out and played from minute one. It was about 80 minutes of pure tactical genius from Japan. But give this Belgium side credit, they came back and they were up against it, and they found a way with substitutes off the bench.

“Maybe as we praised Japan for continuing to go forward, that was their Achilles heel. They opened themselves up, and then in the end, they were all spread out on that corner kick. It was a poor ball served in. But what a fun game to watch.”

FOX Sports studio analyst and former Dutch player and coach Clarence Seedorf praises Belgium coach Roberto Martinez on adapting during the game:

“Hats off for the coach. Great substitutions. It confirms the talented team that they are when they can bring in Fellaini, and he changes the game. That gives you more hope that you can be competitive in the next matches.”

FOX Sports lead studio analyst Alexi Lalas says Belgium’s substitution of Fellaini changed the game:

“It was a big escape for Belgium. You want something done and done right, you put in a long hair, and that’s what they have with Fellaini. He came on and he completely changed the complexion of this game.”

Seedorf believes Belgium’s manager should adjust the team against Brazil:

“While you grow in a tournament, you also get to know yourself better. It’s different than playing all the qualifying matches. You get more tired. He needs to adjust his strategy. If you look at how they scored the goals, it was amazing. If you have that type of speed, power and quality of passing, you need to make use of it. If this is what you have, why don’t you sit back a little further, especially against a team like Brazil? I’d suggest play with four defenders, because three defenders are having a hard time covering the wingers who are coming up and making life difficult.”

Lalas on Japan exposing some issues with the Belgium team that Brazil should note:

“If you look at what Japan did and the way they high pressed, and really smartly – they cut out those options for Belgium. Just because you high press Belgium doesn’t mean they can’t kill you. Either they pass out to it or they have that long ball. Every time that long ball came to Lukaku, at times it wouldn’t get to him, or when it got to him, it was too late. If you’re Brazil, you realize you can do the same thing. Belgium is going to struggle to have that long ball out to Lukaku and then they’re going to be in trouble.”

Meola on Belgium’s winning goal:

“This started with Thibaut Courtois. We talked about the substitutes. Chadli has been great since the moment he came on the field. Boy, you have to credit Belgium for not giving up in this one. We knew they were talented enough to come back. It didn’t look like it 20 minutes ago. What a great counter attack it was.”

Seedorf says Brazil has gotten better as the World Cup has gone on:

“They grew another time. Every match they got better, and I think Neymar is a symbol of that. He started slowly, but this game was totally his. All the important moments, the decisive moments – he was the man.

“They are so compact and so solid, it’s really, really hard to find any weak point.”

FOX Sports studio analyst and former international manager Guus Hiddink praises Brazil’s Willian:

“It’s nice to see Willian. He has, on his feet, two hands. He can handle the ball.”

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  • 10:00 AM – Sweden vs. Switzerland (FS1 /John Strong and Stu Holden)
  • 2:00 PM – Colombia vs. England (FOX / Derek Rae and Aly Wagner)
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