FIFA World Cup™ on FOX Programming Highlights: Saturday Morning, June 30

Today’s Schedule & Results (all times ET):

  • France def. Argentina, 4-3 (WATCH: 90 in 90: France vs. Argentina)
  • 2:00 PM – Uruguay vs. Portugal (FOX)
  • 7:00 PM – FIFA WORLD CUP NOW (Twitter)
  • 12:00 AM – FIFA WORLD CUP TONIGHT (FOX / airs at midnight in all U.S. time zones)

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FOX Sports lead studio analyst Alexi Lalas on how much responsibility Messi has for Argentina’s early exit:

“If he took matters into his own hands, I can appreciate it and respect it. But, if you’re going to do that because you believe that’s the right thing to do … In essence, that is leadership, but come on, ok?  There are plenty of leaders.

“If you’re taking things into your own hands, then you accept the responsibility. That’s why I say that Messi got out-played and out-coached today.”

FOX Sports game analyst Tony Meola recaps France’s performance:

“We saw some individual talent; we saw a team effort today. They’re going to go back and work on a few things defensively, especially crosses in the box, but boy did they look good today. They turned it on in the right moments, and I thought Didier Deschamps got the tactics exactly right.”

Lalas on a disappointing performance from Messi and Argentina:

“Messi was out-played, and Messi was out-coached today.

“This was a disgrace when it comes to Argentina, and an unnecessary hot mess. They have got to get themselves together and get themselves in order on and off the field.”

Lalas says today was Kylian Mbappe’s coming out party:

“We know who this player is. He’s obviously been on the radar, but when you do it at the World Cup, it’s a whole other level. The way in which he did it today was wonderful. Argentina had nothing to stop the speed.

“He has an understanding of what he is and certainly what he isn’t. He’s going to get better and better and better if he stays healthy – huge, huge force for France.”

FOX Sports lead studio host Rob Stone says an amazing Group Stage is setting the stage for an even better knockout round;

“As fantastic as the Group Stage was, and it is going to go down as one of the best Group Stages in the history of this tournament, there’s this different vibe when it turns to the Knockout Stage.”

FOX Sports studio analyst Ian Wright says Paul Pogba was also a factor for France:

“The way Pogba has played – with this maturity and this class – he’s growing in the tournament.”

FOX Sports studio analyst Kelly Smith was also impressed with Pogba today:

“Paul Pogba today was really good.

“He really came to the forefront in this game. I’d been waiting for it the first couple of games, but he did take the game by the scruff of the neck at times and showed his true quality on the ball, and that’s what I’ve been waiting to see.”

Lalas has more praise for Mbappe:

“It’s so wonderful to see a young player grab ahold of this platform and not let it go, and say, ‘This is mine, and I don’t care how old I am, I am going to take it and I am going to milk it for all it’s worth.’ He did that today, and he was a huge, huge factor in why France just ultimately was better than Argentina.”

Meola praises France’s Giroud:

“Olivier Giroud had a very good game quietly. He’s done a lot of the dirty work.

“If you’re a striker who hasn’t scored a goal on the day, you’ve got to do all that other work – he’s done just that.”

Meola on Mbappe:

“He’s so good – he’s got all the tools. He can do everything on the field.”

Meola says Pogba and Mbappe are starting to mature:

“All those little things lead me to believe that Pogba’s growing in confidence and Mbappe’s growing in confidence – when you make a pass like that. I keep saying about this French side, when you’ve got N’Golo Kante in the middle of the field, you can take some chances because he covers so much ground behind you.”

Looking ahead to Monday’s Mexico vs. Brazil matchup, Kelly Smith says that while all eyes have been on Neymar, Coutinho has been Brazil’s top player:

“Coutinho has really stepped up and really embraced the limelight here.

“All the attention, all the focus is on Neymar, but he’s your man.”

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Tomorrow’s Schedule (all times ET):

  • 10:00 AM – Spain vs. Russia (FOX / Derek Rae and Aly Wagner)
  • 2:00 PM – Croatia vs. Denmark (FOX / Mark Followill and Warren Barton)
  • 7:00 PM – FIFA WORLD CUP NOW (Twitter)
  • 12:00 AM – FIFA WORLD CUP TONIGHT (FOX / airs at midnight in all U.S. time zones)