2018 FIFA WORLD CUP™ on FOX Programming Highlights: Saturday Afternoon, June 30

Today’s Schedule & Results (all times ET):
• France def. Argentina, 4-3 (WATCH: 90 in 90: France vs. Argentina)
• Uruguay def. Portugal, 2-1 (WATCH: 90 in 90: Uruguay vs. Portugal)
• 7:00 PM – FIFA WORLD CUP NOW (Twitter)
• 12:00 AM – FIFA WORLD CUP TONIGHT (FOX / airs at midnight in all U.S. time zones)

Today’s Top Stories

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Today’s Top Quotes:

FOX Sports lead play-by-play announcer John Strong on Uruguay’s win being overshadowed by Messi and Ronaldo’s losses today:

“The global headlines will be about this day being ostensibly the last stand for Ronaldo and Messi in a World Cup final … We cannot forget about Uruguay. This nation of three-million people — its glorious history, this generation of players, their will to win, their fight, their grit.”

FOX Sports lead studio analyst Alexi Lalas on Uruguay’s Luis Suarez:

“This is a guy who bit the opponent, and that’s what people will remember. This is also a guy that, over the last four years, has worked on himself as a player and as a person. So far, so good this tournament. He’s gotten on the score sheet. He certainly hasn’t bitten anyone, which I guess is good.

“A more mature Luis Suarez is good for Uruguay. It’s fun to see. All he cares about now is scoring goals and staying out of the headlines for things other than scoring goals.”

FOX Sports lead studio host Rob Stone on Uruguay’s first-half shutout of Portugal:

“If the mantra ‘defense wins championships’ is to be believed here, then we might as well just hand Uruguay their third World Cup title.”

Stone on Ronaldo’s World Cup and his future:

“Ronaldo – remember he started this tournament in Sochi. He had that spectacular hat trick versus Spain. His World Cup ends in Sochi, as well. Still without a goal in a knockout stage game here on the World Cup stage. Will we see Ronaldo again at a World Cup as a player?”

FOX Sports lead analyst Stu Holden on Edinson Cavani scoring his second goal for Uruguay to re-take the lead:

“It’s amazing what a goal can do for your confidence as a striker. Cavani got that goal at the end of the first stage, and he has looked so sharp in this match.”

Lalas on the teamwork displayed by Uruguay:

“We saw that you’ve got to have a supporting cast today. The bigger disparity from your big star and the rest of the players, the more difficult it is in a World Cup situation. Uruguay is a team from top to bottom, and that disparity is much less with them.”

FOX Sports studio analyst Clarence Seedorf on Uruguay’s unity:

“I love their spirit. I love their collaboration in the field. Every time one loses the ball, they don’t think twice and just get back into position. No hands up [in frustration] and discussion going on between them. It’s such a powerful, powerful spirit they have there as a team. France better get their rest.”

FOX Sports studio analyst Kelly Smith on Uruguay’s performance:

“It was an absolute defense master class today — the shape, getting numbers behind the board, chasing back, hustling, and that’s what gets you into the next round. If you don’t defend like that, it’s problems. It’s fantastic to watch.”

Lalas on which team or player’s bandwagon he is jumping on:

“Nineteen [years old] and non-stop. Kylian Mbappe — he’s driving my wagon. I don’t know if it’s going to go in the right direction, but it’s going to go fast because he came out today and it was wonderful to see. He’s got the world in the palm of his hand. Maybe the World Cup in the palm of his hand.”

Tomorrow’s Schedule (all times ET):

• 10:00 AM – Spain vs. Russia (FOX / Derek Rae and Aly Wagner)
• 2:00 PM – Croatia vs. Denmark (FOX / Mark Followill and Warren Barton)
• 7:00 PM – FIFA WORLD CUP NOW (Twitter)
• 9:00 PM – 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP MATCH DAY – 1 (FS1)
• 12:00 AM – FIFA WORLD CUP TONIGHT (FOX / airs at midnight in all U.S. time zones)