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Former England women’s international Kelly Smith is pleased with her home team’s World Cup opening performance

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 FOX Sports studio analyst and former Russian national team manager Guss Hiddink on Russia’s victory over Egypt:

 “It’s a Russian revolution.

“The way they played these two games, today, they showed huge ambition. It was a big win not just for tonight, but for Russia football.”

FOX Sports lead studio analyst Alexi Lalas on Russia’s confidence:

“This is a totally different team. The confidence around the team and the way they were playing – even today – when it wasn’t going right in the first half, there was patience and there’s a collective confidence that it was going to come. Then it came in an own goal, but that is still putting pressure on Egypt, then it kicked in from there and it was all over.”

 FOX Sports’ newest studio analyst Clarence Seedorf on Russia’s tactics against Egypt:

 “The first game, everything went by chance. Today was the real test. I saw they weren’t sitting back. They made some good pressure. They were organized, and I think that I saw some of the good old fashion Russian football – good first touches, lots of good runs, and great finishes.”

 Lalas on Artem Dzyuba’s standout play for Russia:

 “Not too shabby tonight from Dzyuba – he was awesome – holding that ball up, getting the goals, and being the man up top. He was the man of the match.”

 FOX Sports studio host Rob Stone on Russia’s victory over Egypt:

 “Forget Putin pressure, it’s a Putin party right now. Russia with back-to-back wins, six points, eight goals, four different scorers, and more goals than their last two World Cups combined.”

 FOX Sports lead game analyst Stu Holden on Russia’s next game setting the real tone for the tournament:

 “They can’t stop winning now. They have to follow up against Uruguay. That one, against better opposition, will let them know if they can compete against whoever they might see in the next round. It was a great night for them. Dzyuba was an absolute monster out there tonight.”

 Holden on Dzyuba scoring the third goal for Russia:

 “It’s the big man. He’s on the scoresheet. What a night for him. This is good, old fashioned center forward play from Dzyuba. He’s been a handful for Egypt all night long. He deserved a goal tonight. He’s worked so hard holding up the ball and fighting in the box. And he gets his reward.”

 Holden on Russia’s second goal by Cheryshev:

 “What an incredible start to the tournament for Cheryshev. He came on as a substitute in the first game and got two goals. He starts the second game, and gets the second goal of this match. He’s so clever in how he holds his line and waits for the play to develop. This was a touch out wide from Dzyuba and look at Fernandes, 40-yard run to get into the attack, little head fake, cuts it back and Cheryshev is there. He senses where the play is going to go. He pulls away from the back four and finds himself in acres of space. He doesn’t need to do much. Russia is cruising.”

 Hiddink on Ronaldo and Portugal:

 “Of course, Ronaldo is the man. He can assume the pressure. The team is not as bad as people might think at times.”

 Lalas on the perception of Portugal:

 “I don’t think people think this team is bad, but people don’t look at them as European Champions. If you are relying on somebody, not too shabby. The highest level of opposition in this group, he brought it and now they can move on in the next two games with him playing at that level or not.”

 Seedorf on how Morocco should play vs. Portugal tomorrow:

 “Morocco is their own worst enemy at times. If they play organized, they have a lot of players who play at good levels. For the first match, they weren’t very organized – a little undisciplined. If they can be disciplined, they will give Portugal a really hard time.”

 Seedorf previews Spain vs. Iran:

 “I want to see the reaction in the second match. The coaching change created, of course, a reaction from the team. They needed to show that they were together. They needed to show that there was unity. And it was Portugal in front of them. Now they’re going to play against a team they know they’re better than on paper. Now we’ll see the real deal for Spain.”

FOX Sports game analyst Tony Meola, who called Poland vs. Senegal, on Senegal’s controversial second goal:

“It’s complete mayhem as Niang runs on the field and just continues running to get on the end of this one. This is an unfortunate play for Poland. You don’t see that all too often, as the referee normally waits until the play is a bit safer than that. I can’t remember when I’ve seen that.”

FOX Sports rules analyst Dr. Joe Machnik says the Senegal substitution was mismanaged:

“Typically, the referee will wait until the other team is in clear possession of the ball, and it’s safe, and that the player doesn’t get an advantage from coming in at an inopportune time or place. This is total mismanagement on the part of bringing in the player who had been injured.”

After the game, Lalas says Senegal did what it should have in the situation:

“You’ve got to be aware of what’s going on. I know it’ not easy, and I know it looks like it should be illegal – it’s not. It’s mismanagement from the referee team. From the Senegal standpoint, you take every advantage you can. You did nothing wrong. You obeyed what the officials told you to do, and you capitalize on it. You take that goal, thank you very much.”

After the match, Machnik further clarified the controversial play:

“There’s nothing you can do about it. Had he come on illegally, the goal would have been disallowed and the player would have been cautioned.

“The referee’s signal was clear. Was it the right time to bring on the substitution? The referee could have waited until the ball was in a neutral zone where no team was in the attack, where the player coming on wouldn’t have had an advantage, but sometimes those things happen.”

U.S. Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro stopped by FOX Sports’ Red Square studio to discuss the 2026 FIFA World Cup:

“It was an emotional moment when we first heard. As much as we knew we were going to win, there were no guarantees of success. So, when it all happened, people were emotionally drained and physically exhausted.

“At that moment in time, it came through as a bit of a shock, and it’s still sinking in to be honest.”

Lalas asked Cordeiro at what point he knew the United Bid had secured the win. Cordiero replied:

“We always had a pathway to victory.

“The question was a strategy and a plan, and we were very meticulous. We went around the world a number of times. We met with multiple, if not virtually all of the associations in Asia, Europe and South America. We had a pretty good sense a month or so before the vote that things were looking good, but no guarantees. Having lost in 2010, that was a bitter memory.”

Cordeiro indicated U.S. Soccer is in the process of identifying a new U.S. MNT head coach:

“We don’t have a timeline – more importantly, we get the right coach.

“We don’t have a competitive match for some months, so we want to get the right person – the sooner the better, of course.”

FOX Sports game analyst Mariano Trujillo, who called Colombia vs. Japan, on Colombia’s equalizer off a set piece:

“What a clever play by Quintero, and amazing execution. Just waiting for the right moment at the right time. He had the idea in his head, but one thing is having it and the other is execution. He does both perfectly and puts Colombia on the scoreboard. A goal with a taste of coffee.”

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