Up-and-Coming Broadcaster Adds Supercross Duties to Her Growing Portfolio

FOX NASCAR reporter Kaitlyn Vincie marks her seventh season with FOX Sports in 2018, adding Supercross to her reporting duties that also include NASCAR RACE HUB, NASCAR RACEDAY and NASCAR CAMPING WORLD TRUCK SERIES races on FS1. Beyond adding several Supercross events this year, Vincie assumed the two largest roles of her life in recent months – becoming a new mother and wife. Below, she shares her thoughts on this time in her life across all aspects. For more information on Vincie, please CLICK HERE.

FOX SPORTS: You became a mother for the first time last August, giving birth to a baby girl. What has most surprised you about having Kadence?

Vincie: “When you are pregnant, everyone gives you their (often unsolicited) advice about what to expect with a baby. So, nothing really caught me off guard too much. What has surprised me the most is how great of a sleeper Kadence is. We had heard horror stories about other babies, but somehow we got lucky. She first slept through the night at just seven weeks old. We were in Kansas for race weekend and I woke up in a panic because I hadn’t heard her cry out all night. Turns out, she was just fine … she just needed a lot of sleep that night. And from then on, she’s slept like a log.”

FOX SPORTS: You planned a wedding, got married, had a baby and helped your husband relocate to North Carolina, all within a couple of months. Which of those life-changing, stressful experiences was the most challenging and how are you settling into your new roles?

Vincie: “Honestly, the whole year was challenging — every single part of it. But somehow we made it through, due in large part to the support of both our families. But the hardest part was when Kadence was first born and Blake (husband) was splitting time between North Carolina and Colorado. Our situation was so unique, and both of us had career obligations that made it even more complicated. The fact that the No. 78 team won the title last year made a lot of those sacrifices and hardships completely worth it. It was pretty incredible to witness that moment first-hand for Blake when his lifelong goal came to fruition in Miami. Now that he is based in North Carolina, he’s heavily involved with a variety of roles locally but will still serve as the 78 car chief at-track on weekends.”

FOX SPORTS: You started a blog about being a new mom on the road … what kind of feedback have you gotten from folks?

Vincie: “It has been positive so far! I think it’s refreshing for people to see how normal we really are with the same parenting struggles as everyone else. It’s hard for working moms — you have a lot of things to balance and it takes a lot of coordination. My goal with the blog was to help other working moms and parents in general. I think there’s a misconception we all have multiple nannies and personal assistants that take care of our day-to-day life, but that’s simply not the case. We have people who help us when we are working, but other than that, we do everything ourselves when it comes to Kadence. When I’ve taken her to the racetrack, most times I’ve traveled with her on commercial flights alone. Trying to find our new ‘normal’ and sort out the details with Kadence has been a moving target from the very start.”

FOX SPORTS: You’ve been covering Supercross the past few weeks and first tackled it last season. As a newcomer, what is the biggest thing you have learned about that series?

Vincie: “My biggest observation so far from Supercross is the energy and environment they create on race day each week. It is unreal. With the pyrotechnics, the rider introductions, the music, Monster Energy girls, all of it — it’s an incredible show inside each stadium. There is a palpable energy that is very unique. And the athletes are so talented. I’m consistently amazed by what they are able to do, and the stress their bodies take on the bike.”

FOX SPORTS: How do the challenges of covering Supercross differ from those of pit road in NASCAR?

Vincie: “Pit road for a NASCAR race is different because you’re calling pit stops throughout the race and giving updates on what you hear drivers and teams talking about. But in Supercross, there is no communication you can listen to from rider to crew. So, a lot of my research and material for Supercross races come from conversations I’ve had with the rider prior to the race. But both sports are challenging. Especially if you didn’t grow up racing, working on cars or bikes, you are learning everything from the ground up.”

FOX SPORTS: What goals do you have personally and professionally this year?

Vincie: “All my personal goals were taken care of in 2017. We are, however, looking to expand our family at some point, but we aren’t in a hurry. Children change you (for the better) in nearly every way. Another personal goal is to be more involved with the military efforts NASCAR puts forth each weekend at the track. Our sport does so much for active military and veterans, and the patriotism displayed at the track each weekend is amazing. Professionally, I’m excited to continue working with Supercross and NASCAR in a variety of roles. This year, I’ll be doing some hosting for Race Hub, which is a huge career goal of mine for some time. Our Race Hub team is so talented, and it will be exciting for me to work with those individuals a little more closely. As always, I want to continue telling the unique and untold stories of the garage — whether ton pit road for the Truck Series, pre-race for the Cup Series or more “Women in Wheels” features on Hub. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to pull back the curtain on people’s lives who make up this sport and share their stories with our viewers.”