Woodley and Florian discuss GSP giving up his title, if McGregor should be stripped of his belt, and when Floyd Mayweather will enter the Octagon
Plus, Lawler and Lamas Interviews

Los Angeles – UFC TONIGHT was hosted by Kenny Florian and guest host Tyron Woodley, with Karyn Bryant adding reports. The crew previewed this weekend’s FOX UFC FIGHT NIGHT: LAWLER VS. DOS ANJOS and interviewed headliner Robbie Lawler, as well as Ricardo Lamas on his bout.          

UFC TONIGHT guest host Tyron Woodley on his shoulder: “The situation with my shoulder, I was trying to rehab it. I was trying to see if I could not have to undergo surgery. I was actually going to take a fight with Mr. Nate Diaz prior to the surgery and then have it afterwards, but that fight did not shake out. So therefore, I’m going to undergo not a full reconstruction, they’re going to clean my shoulder out, anchor down the parts that they need to anchor down and then it will be on the road to recovery after that.”

Woodley on the potential Diaz fight: “I think he wanted to make more money. I was offered the fight. He was offered the fight. My part of the deal was done. I think he wanted more money. The Diaz’s are hard to negotiate with. That’s why that fight didn’t happen.”

Woodley on a potential GSP fight: “What other champion is willing to give up their belt? They want to fight for the belt when they have the belt. I was willing to put it all on the line. I don’t have to do that now. Will he be coming down to 170 for me? Who knows? We’ll find out soon.”

VIDEO: Woodley Talks Shoulder Surgery and More


Woodley on the FOX UFC FIGHT NIGHT headliner Robbie Lawler vs. Rafael Dos Anjos: “I love this fight. When you think about Lawler – you think of moments with him standing up over Rory MacDonald. He’s willing to brawl at all costs. He’s coming at you with crazy hooks and uppercuts. He’s been in some of the most memorable fights in UFC history. I think you can expect that if he’s 100 percent. If he’s firing on all cylinders.”

Florian on Lawler’s new approach to fighting: “Lawler’s been doing this since he’s been 19 years old – he’s been Mr. Saturday Night. But there’s a difference from that Robbie and this one now. This Robbie is throwing combinations. He isn’t looking for the knockout with every punch. He’s letting it happen organically. He’s been way more patient and has been pacing himself better. Defending his belt three times, he knows how to do it, which is a big switch.”

Woodley on how Dos Anjos will counter Lawler: “The combinations Lawler’s throwing are combinations of hooks and uppercuts. But when you throw straight punches like RDA does, you can go down the middle and beat those hooks all day long. Dos Anjos needs to utilize the ability to throw straights down the middle. And he throws low kicks. With those, you can take out that front leg and get those straight punch combinations, that’s when he’s most vicious and has the ability to win this fight.”

VIDEO: Woodley and Florian break down Lawler’s changes vs. Dos Anjos


 Florian on Lawler’s keys to victory: “First, he’s got to stop the takedown. Second, he’s got to get into boxing range and land big shots. Third, he’s got to check the leg kicks from the southpaw Dos Anjos.”

Woodley on Dos Anjos’ keys to victory: “Key one, he’s got to throw low kicks. Second, he’s got to apply constant pressure against Lawler. Third, he’s got to land the takedowns, but he has to set them up. The takedowns will slow down the fight and stop the brawl that Lawler likes.”

Woodley picks Dos Anjos: “I think the pressure that RDA could apply to Robbie can cause problems with straight punches. That’s the perfect style matchup. My gut tells me he just might pull it off.”

Florian picks Lawler to win: “Lawler has the experience, the size and the power to get it done. I think he gets it done in the third round.”

Robbie Lawler on if he thinks he’ll have a size advantage fighting a former lightweight in Rafael Dos Anjos: “He’ll be quick. I’ve fought bigger fighters and stronger fighters. So anywhere this fight goes, I’ll be alright.”

Lawler on fighting a southpaw: “It’s not that big a deal. We have a lot of lefties getting me ready. It’s just a hand coming in differently. I’ve been fighting and training with lefties a long time, so I’ll be alright.”

Lawler on if there’s a reason he hasn’t been fighting as much recently: “Circumstances. It’s not my body. It has to be the right fight at the right time. Timing. I didn’t want to come to Canada in the cold. But this was a good fight. It just has to do with timing and opponents.”

Lawler on if he wants the title fight with a win: “That’s what they’re saying. I’m not really focused on that. I’m focused on being a better fighter and a better person. But that’s what they said, but things change in this fight game all the time.”

VIDEO: Robbie Lawler Interview


Ricardo Lamas on if he feels pressure to deliver great fights: “I don’t feel the pressure. That’s just who I am. I’m fighting with 100 percent heart. I’m always moving forward and looking for the finish. Saturday night is the same as every other fight.”

Lamas on if the change of opponent was a problem during camp: “Not really. We had a training partner who’s the same stature as him, with even better hands. I could get my timing and distance down with a guy of his size, so it worked well.”

Lamas on if he deserves a title shot with a win: “I don’t know. If I have to prove myself again, I’ll do it. I’ve got to go out and I have to finish fights. That’s what people and the UFC want. I just have to keep it up.”

VIDEO: Ricardo Lamas Interview


Florian on if he was surprised Georges St-Pierre vacated the middleweight title: “I was not surprised. This was a great opportunity for GSP to do something that’s never been done before. He was deserving of the shot. He wanted a big fight and he got it.”

Woodley on GSP giving up his belt: “I praise him for not holding up the division. There are a lot of divisions being held up by people not fighting or doing other things.”

Woodley on if UFC should strip champions of their belt after one year of inactivity: “I think it should be case by case. The entertainment aspect is very important. Should Conor be stripped? No. He just fought Floyd and the number of times he fought before that was a lot, as well.”

Florian on if the UFC should take away belts after a year of not fighting: “I think there should be a limit of time. Fans and fighters are waiting for their chance. I don’t think it’s fair for fighters to sit out for 12 months, with no injury.”

Florian on if Floyd Mayweather will sign a deal with the UFC: “I have no doubt that Floyd could make a billion dollars if he fought again, but he’s not fighting in the UFC’s Octagon. If he came back, it might be with the UFC’s boxing promotion.”

Woodley on Mayweather fighting in the UFC: “If he comes and fights, it’ll be against Conor McGregor. Do I think it might be a gimmick? Maybe, but there’s not anybody who wouldn’t watch it.”

Florian on if Francis Ngannou can be the best heavyweight ever: “I think he can. But we haven’t seen Francis Ngannou play with his food yet. He just knocks them out. We haven’t seen enough of his wrestling game and his jiu-jitsu game to know if he’s the best ever.”

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