Florian on if GSP Defends His Middleweight Title: “I don’t see it happening.”
Bisping and Florian discuss GSP’s potential move to welterweight, Holloway’s next opponent, plus if Ronda Rousey signs with the WWE

LOS ANGELES, CA – UFC TONIGHT was hosted by Kenny Florian and guest host Michael Bisping, with Karyn Bryant adding reports. The crew previewed this weekend’s FS1 UFC FIGHT NIGHT: SWANSON VS. ORTEGA and interviewed headliners Cub Swanson and Brian Ortega.

UFC TONIGHT Kenny Florian believes Georges St-Pierre’s won’t fight at 185 again: “I spoke to him this morning. He has ulcerative colitis and he’s lost a lot of weight. For him to fight at 185 again, I don’t see it happening. He also told me he doesn’t want to hold up the division. If he does come back, I imagine it’ll be at a lighter weight class.”

UFC TONIGHT guest host Michael Bisping on GSP not defending the middleweight belt: “I wish him the best. It would have been nice to see him defend the belt at 185.”

VIDEO: Florian and Bisping discuss Georges St-Pierre not staying at 185

Florian on if Max Holloway will ever fight Conor McGregor: “It depends on the weight class. At 145, I’d say it’s a 10-percent chance. But at 155 pounds, I’d say 75-percent. Holloway is still a growing boy.”

Bisping on if Holloway will rematch McGregor: “Do I want to see it happen? Yes. But I give this zero-percent chance at happening. Max has other fights at 145. Conor has other people lining up to fight him out at 155. I don’t think we’ll see this happening anytime soon.”

Bisping on Holloway’s fight next: “I’d like to see him take on Frankie Edgar. It’s a different style fighter. We haven’t seen him fight a wrestling powerhouse like Edgar.”

Bisping on where Jose Aldo goes next: “He doesn’t need to retire. As we’ve seen, in his last two fights, he’s still performing well, but not winning. But he’s had his moment in the sun. I think he walks away with dignity. If he still wants to fight, I’d like to see him keep fighting. He’s had a great career. If he wants to walk, so be it.”

Florian on what’s next for Aldo: “I think he’s had his time to shine. He did it for a very long time. There always comes a time you’re not going to fight the same way and the sport moves on. People get a handle on what you do as a fighter. The fact that he’s maybe interested in competing in boxing, I think he had his foot out the door going into this last fight.”

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Bisping on Cub Swanson’s keys to victory: “Cub’s one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC. He’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. Key one, he needs to vary his attack – really mix up his striking. Two, he needs to use his speed. He’s got the speed advantage over Ortega. He needs to use the feints that set up the strikes. And third, he needs to keep it on his feet. He’s got to stop the takedown.”

Florian on Brian Ortega’s keys to victory: “Ortega is must-see TV as well. He’s tall and rangy and has the killer instinct. His ground game is as good as anyone. Key one is to use the jab. He’s got to keep Cub on the outside. He’s the longer guy. Cub is dangerous on the inside. Plus, he’s got take it to the ground. He’s got to find a way to take it to the mat where he has the advantage.”

Bisping picks Swanson over Ortega: “I believe Cub wins the fight. Ortega is still young and has a great resume. But Cub has too much on the feet.”

Florian on how Swanson wins: “Ortega is so well trained. But the experience is the difference. Cub starts off very well. Ortega doesn’t. The longer it goes, the more it favors Ortega. If Cub does catch and hurt him early, he’s got the killer instinct.”

Cub Swanson on being in business with Michael Bisping: “It’s been awesome. If something needs to be said, he says it.”

Swanson on watching UFC 218: “I think it was an exciting fight. I feel like I’m a great matchup to give Max a run for his money. Aldo looked good, but Holloway played it perfect, started slow and then got in his head and went in for the kill.”

Swanson on what he felt like when he didn’t get the title fight at UFC 218: “It’s the same old thing. But I’ve got a fight to worry about, so I didn’t get too emotional about it.

Swanson on if a win gets him the next shot at the title: “If it doesn’t, I don’t know what will. The good thing about what happened before UFC 218, the fans spoke up and rallied for me. A win this weekend, I don’t know what else I can do? I have to put on a good performance. He’s trying to steal my shine, but I’m not going to allow it.”

Swanson on training with Nerf guns: “We’ve been doing some crazy training for this fight. No sissies are allowed in our gym. We’ve been doing two-hour sessions. The Nerf guns are just the warm up. We’ve been having fun, but putting in the hard work.”

Brian Ortega on what he expects in his fight with Swanson: “I always train and I fight to finish. If we have to go to points, and go to scoring, then that’s what we’re going to do.”

Ortega on how Swanson fights: “I see him dangerous on the feet. His standup is great. He’s very tricky and wiry. He’s a veteran. It’s going to be a hard fight and I’ve been training hard for it. It’s a step that I have to cross.”

Ortega on if he has nerves going into his first headlining fight: “A fight is a fight. I get more time in the fight with five rounds. If I don’t get him in the third, I’ve got more time to get him in the fourth and fifth. I’m excited for it.”

Ortega on if a win gets him a title shot: “Realistically, I’ve got to get through Cub first, that’s the main objective and big task. Maybe after this, or wait for the winner of Frankie Edgar and Max Holloway. Maybe I’m one or two fights away.”

Ortega on if he’s going to take the fight to the ground: “Bro, I love to bang. I’m not no stranger to it. If it goes to the ground it goes to the ground. If it goes standup, it goes standup. I like to fight anywhere.”

VIDEO: Brian Ortega Interview

Florian on Ronda Rousey moving to WWE: “It’s not easy being a professional wrestler. She’s certainly not going to take the same punishment to the head and she’s been a huge fan for a long time. This must be a dream come true. But I’d rather see a super fight for Ronda. Maybe a fight with Gina Carano or something like that.”

Bisping on Rousey moving to WWE: “I think it’s awesome. I’m all for fighters having a successful career after they’re done with the Octagon. People think because it’s scripted, it’s easy. It’s not easy. All that traveling. And getting slammed on the floor takes its toll.”

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