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FOX Sports Statement on World Cup Qualifying Results

Los Angeles, Oct. 11, 2017 – Last night’s World Cup qualifying results do not change FOX Sports’ passion for the world’s biggest sporting event. While the U.S. was eliminated, the biggest stars in the world from Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo stamped their tickets to Russia on the same day, and will battle teams ranging from Mexico to England that have massive fan bases in America. The World Cup is the greatest sporting event on earth that changes the world for one month every four years, and FOX Sports remains steadfast in our commitment of bringing the games to America for the first time in 2018 and will continue to support the U.S. Soccer Federation as they look ahead to the 2022 World Cup.


FOX Sports Celebrates 10 Years of Investing in the Next Generation

Inaugural ‘FOX Sports U Day’ Marks 10th Year of Elite College Partnership Program

LOS ANGELES, CA – FOX Sports University, a partnership initiative that has teamed with over 40 prestigious academic and athletic institutions since launching in 2008, celebrates its 10th year of bringing the real world into the classroom. In its first decade, the program has expanded from teaming with a single university, the University of Florida, and now spans more than 10 conferences across the country.

Marking the milestone, FOX Sports employees, on-air personalities, program alumni and current students come together today, “10/10,” for FOX SPORTS U DAY, celebrating 10 years of real-world learning, exciting behind-the-scenes experiences and successful campaigns inspired by student work.

“Over the past 10 years FOX Sports University has seen unprecedented growth not only in its university expansion but concept innovation across all FOX Sports departments,” said Lindsay Amstutz, Senior VP & GM of FOX Sports West, Prime Ticket and FOX Sports San Diego. “From campaign execution to talent acquisition, FOX Sports U has proven to be a real tool in the way we think about our business today and for the future.”

For the 2017 Fall Semester, FOX Sports U has launched projects with Arizona State, Auburn, Baylor, Howard, Marquette, Maryland, Minnesota, New York University, North Carolina, Northwestern, Ohio State, Oregon, Pittsburgh, St. John’s, Syracuse and Xavier. Project topics range from 2018 FIFA World Cup strategy, to College Basketball on FS1 and the 2018 U.S. Open Championship.

The program, which has reached more than 5,000 students, is designed to provide real-world experience to graduate and undergraduate students, while developing a pipeline of innovative ideas for FOX Sports properties. FOX Sports challenges students with semester-long case studies which are timely and relevant to the company’s business needs. FOX Sports U tasks students to develop solutions – products, concepts and campaigns – that have the potential to be executed across FOX Sports businesses, giving students the opportunity to see what it takes to make their ideas come to life. FOX Sports executives and on-air broadcasters take part in the education process, giving the practical element to learning whereby students produce research, campaigns and concepts for FOX Sports.

“The partnership between FOX Sports and University of Florida has greatly enriched our creative curriculum,” said Professor Robyn Goodman of the University of Florida. “It has provided an outlet for creatively oriented students to work with a major client and then see their ideas come to fruition.”

FOX SPORTS U DAY also marks the launch of a year-long on-air promotional campaign across FS1 and each of the FOX Sports Regional Networks. During the 2017-18 school year, the program enjoys unprecedented support from top FOX Sports executives and on-air personalities as they return to their alma maters nationwide to inspire the next generation of sports media innovators.

FOX Sports has hired more than 100 FOX Sports U students since the program’s inception. To showcase the opportunities that have been created for hardworking and deserving students nationwide, digital videos will be released, profiling four recent FOX Sports U summer interns, each with their own unique story. FOX Sports U will also profile 10 program alumni working for FOX Sports in various roles.

Student-generated campaigns have won Emmy, Telly, Addy, Golden Matrix and Promax awards.

Follow @FOXSportsU on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for a look into FOX SPORTS U DAY celebrations. Additional information, including examples of past projects, can be found here. A highlight reel of the program’s previous work can be viewed here.


UFC POSTFIGHT Quotes – Florian on Demetrious Johnson’s Record-Setting Victory

Woodley on Johnson: “He’s flawless.”
Felder on Ferguson Defeating Lee: “Tony did what I thought he’d do. He had the grit and toughness and he grinds through. I think Tony matches up really well against Conor McGregor. Let’s unify that belt.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s FS1 UFC 216 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FS1 hosted by Karyn Bryant, with Tyron Woodley, Kenny Florian and Paul Felder providing analysis. Megan Olivi conducted interviews.

Woodley on Demetrious Johnson’s greatness: “Johnson has so many levels to his game, it’s so hard to keep up with his pace. Those strikes weren’t all hard going against Borg. But he was tenderizing the steak, so when he went for the armbar, Borg was tired. It was an amazing finish. I think Johnson has a game plan and nothing rocks him off it. He’s flawless.”

FOX UFC analyst Kenny Florian on Johnson setting the record all time: “This is how good he is. He’s just so much better than everyone else. That was the teacher showing the student how to do it. We’ve never seen a suplex into an armbar. That’s why he’s the best of all time!”

FOX UFC analyst Paul Felder on what makes Demetrious Johnson so good and what did Ray Borg do wrong: “Johnson’s demeanor is always in control. For Borg, he only landed 22 strikes. We talked about what his key to victory was: to land the ground and pound. And he only got one strike on Demetrious on the ground.”

Florian on what sets Johnson apart: “Nothing rattles him. That’s the sign of a true master. His expression on his face never changes. It’s like he’s having a coffee and eating a donut. Nothing ever fazes him. He was playing chess, while Ray Borg was playing checkers.”

Felder on Johnson’s finish: “To pull off a move like that in a championship fight, you practice it, but he actually does it. He never seems to get tired. He gets told what to do by his coach and he does it like a video game. He’s really unstoppable in that division. He drowns his opponents in there.”

VIDEO: Kenny Florian, Tyron Woodley and Paul Felder break down Demetrious Johnson’s epic night!

Demetrious Johnson on pulling off the amazing submission to end the fight: “I’ve been working on it a long time. My coach said to explore your options in mix martial arts. When I was in there, I was feeling good and it was time to hit it. You have to shift people’s weight when they’re trying to be heavy, so once I shifted his weight and he threw the elbow, I said I’ve got you. I lifted him up and snatched his arm and did it.”

Johnson on what his plan was in the fight: “Ray Borg was saying my scrambling ability was garbage so his only option was to scramble, and we nullified that. Then, it was time to submit him and we did. It’s like my coach Matt’s playing the video game and I’m the character and he’s telling me what to do. I just do it.”

Johnson on what’s next: “I’m going to go home and spend time with my family and soak this one in.”

Johnson on what’s his motivation to keep going: “My motivation is to get better and to work on everything. Everyone is so quick to jump to the next one. It’s been 25 minutes since the fight. I’m going to spend some time with my family and kids, and enjoy this for a little bit.”

Johnson on if this was a special day or another day at the office: “It was another day in the office. Every fight is like the last one. It was special to pull that off that finish. I’ve been working on that submission in the gym. I was so tired from doing it, but I’ve practiced it a 1,000 times, and that’s what I got. My coach said: you mastered it in the gym and pulled it off in the Octagon.”

VIDEO: Interview: Demetrious Johnson on his record-setting night

Florian on what set Ferguson apart from Lee: “Nothing ever rattles Tony. Experience was the difference. Lee was scrambling, but didn’t seem to have a plan. Ferguson was just waiting and had a plan. I think Lee and his coaches will say that Lee needs to move his head more.”

Woodley on Lee: “Kevin was too pumped up and was too emotional. Tony kept calm. Lee fought well in the first round, and maybe he exerted too much in the first round. If I was his coach, I wouldn’t tell him to do the double leg takedowns that take a lot of energy when you’re tired. You keep with the jab and stay on your feet. When you’re standing in the traditional stance, you don’t move as much, while Tony was standing with his hands down and being very lose and fluid. When Kevin stood in front of Tony and started missing, he got fatigued and then it gets in your head and you start getting hit in the face.”

Felder on Ferguson’s performance: “Tony did what I thought he’d do. He had the grit and toughness and he took some shots, but he grinds through. He established long punches, then had the durability, which we talked about. I think the problem for Kevin was he tired out with the takedowns. Ferguson kept Lee swinging and missing. He did his funky stuff and kept throwing up submissions.”

Tony Ferguson on his performance: “It was amazing. It was a fun fight. It took a little longer than I thought, but I got the belt.”

Ferguson on when he’ll fight Conor McGregor to unify the belt: “We’ll soon see Conor. I’m not worried about that now. I just want to show this to my baby boy.”

Ferguson on what he planned for the fight: “The game plan was to get him so aggressive that he’d use the energy. He was pinned up against the cage, but I had him in a can opener situation, which takes energy out of him. I had a lot of hay in the barn to go five rounds. I know he was going to put on a lot of pressure. I knew the arm bar was going to be there and then there was the triangle.”

Ferguson on his eye injury: “I couldn’t see out of it, stuff happens. I knew how to weather the storm. I knew he was going to take me down, but this isn’t wrestling. I don’t care about the takedowns. If you take me down, you’re going to stuff some elbows and really take it.”

Ferguson on the trash talking before the fight: “Lee used that energy outside the fight. The fight was in the Octagon. Not one time did I feel uncomposed, except getting poked in the eye, and then I got pissed off, but it’s a fight and I weathered the storm.”

Ferguson on what he told Lee after the fight: “I told him to keep his head up. He’s got a bright future and to keep grinding. He’s a game opponent. I take my hat off to him. He took the fight.”

Ferguson on what happened in the fight: “I kept him at the end of my jab. He wasn’t flying into it. His takedowns got weaker, his kicks got weaker and his punches got weaker. I just kept composed. He was going to get weaker and I was going to get him. I’m an Ultimate Fighter winner. He’s not.”

Ferguson on wanting to fight Conor McGregor next: “Conor, he needs to defend or vacate. Conor you need to fight me. You can can’t run. I’m coming after you.”

VIDEO: INTERVIEW: Tony Ferguson Pays Respect to Kevin Lee

Florian on if Ferguson should get the next fight against McGregor: “Tony has earned this. He’s done what no one else has done it. He deserves that shot against Conor. Now there’s the business of fighting. The Nate Diaz trilogy is out there for the money fight against Conor. It comes down to what the fans want. Ferguson has done more than any other person.”

Woodley on if Ferguson deserves the fight against Conor McGregor next: “We have a lot of guys watching fights on the couch. Tony’s won 10 in a row against really tough guys. You have to respect that. He’s doing it with his four ounce gloves. If you’re going to be the champion, McGregor, you should defend the belt. If you do Nate vs. Conor, you shouldn’t do it for the belt.”

Felder on Ferguson fighting McGregor next: “Let’s get these guys together. Don’t vacate it, don’t fight anyone else. Tony, you’ve got to make him want that fight. There’re fights that need to be made. I think Tony matches up really well against Conor. Let’s unify that belt.”

UFC President Dana White on Ferguson’s victory over Lee: “He looked incredible. He kept the pressure on Lee. Lee is a tough dude and Tony outlasted him.”

White on what’s next for Ferguson: “Yes, we will unify this belt, but I don’t know when.”

White on Johnson setting the record tonight: “Greatest fighter ever. Much respect to Borg. In my anger, I disrespected Borg, but I didn’t mean to. I’m sure he wants to run up that record.”

White on this eventful week: “I’ve never been more proud to live here from first responders, and all the companies stepping up to do things. People think this isn’t a real community. This is one of the most real communities I’ve ever seen.”

VIDEO: Interview: Dana White – Will we see a title unification fight between Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson? Dana White has the answer.

VIDEO: Is Demetrious Johnson the GOAT? Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier say yes

Joe Davis

FS1 Scores with Sunday’s ALDS Game 3 Numbers

Indians, Yankees Game Most-Watched FS1 Telecast Since Last Year’s NLDS Game 6

LOS ANGELES, CA – Sunday’s two ALDS matchups presented by Doosan win-or-go-home matchups on FS1 delivered strong viewership, with the evening tilt between the Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees earning 5,536,000 total viewers across FS1, FOX Deportes and FSGO, according to Nielsen Media Research.

On FS1, the New York-Cleveland game averaged 5,294,000 viewers, making it the most-watched telecast on the network since last year’s Los Angeles-Chicago NLCS Game 6. Additionally:

  • +123% versus Game 3 of the Toronto-Texas ALDS in 2015 that ran in Sunday prime time (2,374,000).
  • +150% compared to Texas-Toronto Game 3 in last year’s ALDS on TBS (2,121,000 for Toronto-Texas in Sunday prime).
  • +29% compared to last year’s Chicago-San Francisco NLDS Game 3 (4,097,000 for a game that started on Monday at 9:29 PM ET).
  • The game peaked from 10:45-10:58 PM ET with 6,987,000 viewers.
  • On FSGO, the telecast had an average-minute audience of 85,526.

In the earlier game Sunday, Boston crushed Houston 10-3 to stay alive in an ALDS Game 3 that delivered 2,491,000 viewers across FS1, FOX Deportes and FSGO. On FS1, the game averaged 2,339,000 viewers. In addition:

  • +88% versus game 2 of the NLDS on FS1 in 2016 (1,242,000 for LA-Washington that ran on Sunday at 1 PM ET head-to-head with NFL games)
  • The game peaked from 5:30- 5:45 PM ET with 3,190,000 viewers.
  • On FSGO, the telecast had an average-minute telecast of 32,901.

Through Game 3 (four games), the ALDS on FS1 is averaging 3,169,000 viewers, up 37% over 2015 ALDS on FS1 at the same point (2,320,000 through four games), and up 1% compared to last year’s NLDS on FS1 at the same point (3,139,000 for four games).

FS1 Scores with Sunday’s ALDS Game 3 Numbers (530 kB, last updated October 2017)
Rob Stone and Alexi Lalas MLS Desk

FOX Sports Presents MLS Whiparound Coverage as Playoff Race Heats Up

FOX Sports MLS Doubleheader Headlined by Clint Dempsey, Brad Guzan and Kellyn Acosta

LOS ANGELES, CA – FOX Sports presents an action-packed MLS doubleheader, featuring linear and digital whiparound coverage for the penultimate week of the regular season on Sunday, Oct. 15, beginning at 5:00 PM ET on FS1 and FOX Deportes.

An Eastern Conference matchup kicks off Sunday’s lineup when U.S. MNT goalkeeper Brad Guzan returns from international duty at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, joining No. 3 Atlanta United in a clash with Bradley Wright Phillips and the No. 6 New York Red Bulls at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey. Immediately following, Clint Dempsey’s Seattle Sounders host Kellyn Acosta and a Dallas FC team looking to keep postseason hopes alive (7:30 PM ET, FS1).

As playoff spots are down to the wire, Rob Stone and Alexi Lalas host FS1’s whiparound coverage, offering quick-turnaround highlights of in-progress games and the league’s most compelling action, MLS news and analysis. Rachel Bonnetta hosts a special digital whiparound show across FOX Soccer’s social media platforms (Facebook / FOX Sports Go), beginning at 5:15 PM ET on the Eastern Conference matches and 7:35 PM ET on the Western Conference matches.

Once the action begins on the field, Glenn Davis calls the New York Red Bulls vs. Atlanta United match alongside former MLS midfielder Stu Holden, with Katie Witham reporting from the sideline. Play-by-play announcer Mark Followill calls the Sounders-Dallas FC match alongside former Columbus Crew star Brad Friedel, with Danielle Slaton reporting from the sideline.

In Spanish, Alejandro Luna and Elmur Souza call the New York Red Bulls-Atlanta United matchup, with Ernesto Amador and Martin Zuñiga on the call for Seattle Sounders-Dallas FC on FOX Deportes.

All FOX soccer matches can be live streamed via FOX Sports GO and FOX Soccer Match Pass. FOX Sports GO is available on or on the FOX Sports GO app, which can be downloaded from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon App Store and Windows Store. Streaming is also now available on several connected devices, including Apple TV, Android TV, FireTV, Roku, Chromecast and Xbox One.


Seven Top-25 Teams Featured Across FOX, FS1 & BTN This Weekend

No. 8 TCU Hosts No. 23 West Virginia in Big 12 Clash on FS1
No. 3 Oklahoma, No. 10 Ohio State & No. 11 Washington State in Action on FOX

Seven top-25 teams hit the gridiron across the FOX broadcast network, FS1 and BTN this weekend, highlighted by a Big 12 clash between No. 8 TCU and No. 23 West Virginia at 3:30 PM ET on FS1. Play-by-play announcer Aaron Goldsmith, analyst Brady Quinn and sideline reporter Bruce Feldman call the action from Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth.

The FOX broadcast network airs a Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-12 tripleheader on Saturday, kicking off with Iowa State at No. 3 Oklahoma at 12:00 PM ET. The day’s coverage begins at 11:30 AM ET on FOX and FS1 with pregame coverage hosted by Rob Stone and analysts Matt Leinart, Robert Smith and Dave Wannstedt from FOX Sports’ Los Angeles studio. During Saturday’s pregame show, Feldman sits down with Sooners quarterback and Heisman hopeful Baker Mayfield, one of the most polarizing figures in the game today. From planting the Oklahoma flag on an opponent’s turf to pre-game altercations, Feldman explores how the chip on Mayfield’s shoulder brings out the best in his Sooners teammates.

At 4:00 PM ET on FOX, No. 10 Ohio State welcomes Maryland to Columbus for a Big Ten East battle with the lead college football broadcast team of play-by-play announcer Gus Johnson, analyst Joel Klatt and Jenny Taft live from “the Horseshoe.” Rounding out the day’s action on the broadcast network, No. 11 Washington State visits Oregon at 8:00 PM ET. Play-by-play announcer Tim Brando, analyst Spencer Tillman and sideline reporter Holly Sonders have the call from Autzen Stadium. This week’s full schedule of games on FOX, FS1 and BTN, including broadcasters, can be found HERE.

In 2017, FOX Sports televises top games from the Big 12, Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences. FOX Sports is home to some of the biggest matchups of the season, including Ohio State at Michigan, Oklahoma at Oklahoma State in the annual Bedlam rivalry, and Texas at USC in the first rematch of the 2006 BCS National Championship Game. FOX Sports is also home to the Big Ten and Big 12 championship games and the Foster Farms Bowl and San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl.

Kenny Florian

UFC TONIGHT Quotes – Florian Picks Ferguson to Win the Interim Title at UFC 216

Cormier on Kevin Lee: “Kevin Lee truly has the ability and confidence to become the UFC champ.”
UFC Champion Demetrious Johnson on Ray Borg: “I’m going to go out there and cement my legacy as the longest reigning, defending champion.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – UFC TONIGHT was hosted by Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier, with Karyn Bryant adding reports. The crew previewed the upcoming UFC 216: FERGUSON VS. LEE and interviewed flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, as well as headliners Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee.

UFC TONIGHT host Daniel Cormier on Volkan Oezdemir’s recent comments about him: “He has much more respect for me than he does for Misha Cirkunov and Jimi Manuwa. I do agree with you. He does have two minutes, because after that it all goes downhill from there because I’m going to be on him. People want to see fresh matchups. I’d like to fight Alexander too, but people want to see Volkan. They believe in him. The kid’s got knockout power. He’s got a cool thing. You’ve got two minutes, Volkan.”

VIDEO: Cormier answers Volkan Oezdemir’s recent comments

Cormier on how Tony Ferguson matches up against Kevin Lee: “He’s a phenomenal wrestler. In Tony, you saw his evolution come complete in his fight against Rafael Dos Anjos. He fought a former champion and dominated him on the feet, dominated the grappling exchanges, and seemed to be the guy who was ready for that moment. This guy is so tricky to fight.”

UFC TONIGHT Kenny Florian on Ferguson: “He’s a maniac. He’s so tough. He’s battle tested. He can defeat you in in a lot of different ways on the feet. He’s big and tall for the division. He has a long reach and an excellent jab. He’ll throw every strike out there. On the ground, if he gets you in the transition, this guy is nasty with those front chokes, a D’Arce or a guillotine.”

Cormier on Kevin Lee: “Kevin Lee truly has the ability and confidence to become the UFC champ. He has really good wrestling. In his last fight against Michael Chiesa, he looked so calm and confident. He never looked out of place and he got the finish.”

Florian on Lee’s technique: “Right now I think his skills are catching up with his ability. He’s very well coached. He’s an excellent wrestler, but is working hard on his striking. He throws a lot of different variety at you. Then he sets up the takedowns. He’s good at taking the back and has finished a lot of guys with the Rear Naked Choke. He gets the guys frustrated, then hits the takedown.”

Florian picks Ferguson over Lee: “I think Kevin Lee can be a champ in the future. I think it’s just a little early for him. His skills are still catching up with his physicality. I’m going with Tony Ferguson.”

Kevin Lee on when Tony Ferguson visited the college wrestling team: “He came back, he was a weirdo then, and he’s even weirder now.”

Tony Ferguson how Lee got this fight: “I told you you’ve got to market yourself the way you have to. You’re going to have to fight and you have to bleed a little. You marketed your way into this fight. I retired people and made them move classes. I ran out of asses to kick. I beat Khabib even before fighting him. It’s called mental warfare. You’ve got attitude problems. You’re just like that dude who’s never really cut it on the team.”

Fergus on if he respects Lee: “I respect you. Absolutely. You’re an athlete. I’m not bringing any animosity to this. You’re already at a loss. You’re trying to mean mug me, stare me down. I’m just going to school you. You can have all that shiny stuff. It’s all fake.”

Lee on if he respects Ferguson: “There’s always been respect for Tony. I said it from the beginning. I feel like Tony’s been the number-one contender for a while. He’s the toughest fight. I like the big challenges. As a man, he’s a weirdo. I never interacted with him. His style is great. He can fight, but that’s about it. He’s going to be disappointed on Saturday night.”

Lee on Ferguson’s conditioning: “I hope you can stay in there. I hope you can take the power and speed. You’re the one that has all the technical problems.”

Ferguson on his conditioning: “I’m battle tested. You’ve seen all my wars. You haven’t bled in battle. You’re fighting nobodies. I’m fighting guys like Barbosa, Rafael Dos Anjos. Are you off the juice? I made sure I was training for someone 10 times you. You have no idea what kind of person you’re dealing with. I’m going to TF you – technical fault you. That’s a Tony Ferguson finish.”

Lee on McGregor fighting Diaz next: “After I beat Tony, then Conor has to prove he’s ready to fight me. This is for the real championship. If Conor wants to fight Nate, that’s fine. If he can sleep at night with that medal after only beating one guy in the division, that’s cool.”

VIDEO: Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee Interview

Florian on Ray Borg’s skills against Demetrious Johnson: “Ray is a phenomenal submission artist. He’s very dangerous in the transition. He’s got a lot of skills and speed.”

Cormier on how Borg can defeat Johnson: “He has to believe that he can get it done. He seems to believe it. He has all the ability to challenge with Demetrious Johnson. He’s got to make it ugly. He has to catch DJ and make him make a mistake. I think Ray Borg is ready for this fight.”

Florian on Johnson: “He’s shown he’s susceptible to other fighters on the mat. He showed it against Tim Elliott. But, I believe he has the best skills in the UFC, period. He can really do it all. He can finish everyone. He’s head and shoulders above everyone in that division.”

Florian on Johnson’s keys to victory: “He can do it all at a very high level. He has skills for days. Key number one, he needs to vary his attack. Key two, he needs to stay off his back. He doesn’t want to be down with Ray Borg. And key number three, he’s got to use his speed. When he’s mixing it all together, there’s no one who can hang with him.”

Cormier on Borg’s keys to victory: “Early in the fight, he’ll need to make the fight crazy and wild. He has to slow it down, take Demetrious down to take him out of his rhythm. Second, he needs to keep the pressure on. Key three, he’s got to secure ground control. He’s got to hold Demetrious down and can’t allow him to get back up and get his rhythm again.”

Florian picks Johnson over Borg: “I’ve got to go with the champ.”

Demetrious Johnson on getting back in camp after the last fight was cancelled: “I work with the best coaches to make sure the peaking is right. The biggest thing was to stay healthy in the extra four weeks of training. I’m feeling better than I did in Edmonton.”

Johnson on if wants to send a message to Borg: “I’m always going out there to knock them out or submit them. This fight will end. I’m looking to finish it. I’m pumped to get out there and make it happen.”

Johnson on if he’s upset about not being a main event: “I’m a grown man. I’m thankful the UFC got me on this card. I’m going to go out there and cement my legacy as the longest reigning, defending champion.”

VIDEO: Interview. Demetrious Johnson breaks down his Ray Borg fight and more

Florian’s UFC 216 fighter to watch: “Tom Duquesnoy. He’s has an excellent standup. He’s very exciting. He’s a finisher through and through. He’s absolutely fearless, he’s violent and he’s technical.”

Cormier’s one fighter to watch at UFC 216: “The Black Beast Derrick Lewis. He’s not only a hero, he’s a phenomenal fighter. He’s show he’s got the power and he can knock anybody out at any time. If there’s any guy more entertaining in the Octagon and on social media, you’ve got to show me!”

VIDEO: Tommy Toe Hold – What happens when Tommy Toe Hold and Demetrious Johnson sit down to chat? Anderson Silva shows up

FS1 Logo

The Pine Tar Incident: Making of Tar Wars

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at a Fictional Movie Which Is Almost More Believable Than the Incident Itself
Premieres Tonight Following Game 1 of the ALDS on FS1

One of the most unique moments in sports history, the Pine Tar Game is an incredible story filled with outsized characters and unpredictable twists befitting a Hollywood blockbuster. THE PINE TAR INCIDENT: MAKING OF TAR WARS imagines what it would be like if someone had actually made that film, and tells the story of the Pine Tar Game in a manner that reflects the absurdity and idiosyncrasy of the original events.

FOX Sports’ “Making of Tar Wars” documentary uses staged recreations and actor confessionals that are part of the “movie” – in addition to real archival footage, research and original interviews with players and reporters who recount the incident – providing an accurate and thorough retelling through an unconventional and entertaining lens.

The man at the center of the controversy, George Brett, offers his perspective on the disqualification of his game-winning home run against the New York Yankees and the ensuing back-and-forth between the Kansas City Royals, MLB and the cast of characters fueling the controversy – Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, on-again off-again Yankees manager Billy Martin, and Brett himself. Longtime New York Daily News sports reporter Filip Bondy, author of The Pine Tar Game, also provides his expert insight.

“We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Major League Baseball by supplementing our live postseason coverage with innovative original programming like THE PINE TAR INCIDENT,” said Charlie Dixon, FS1 EVP of Content.

Produced by FOX Sports Originals and DLP Media Group, THE PINE TAR INCIDENT: MAKING OF TAR WARS airs Thursday, Oct. 5 at 11:00 PM ET on FS1 following Game 1 of the American League Division Series between the New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians. FOX Sports’ coverage of Game 1 begins at 7:00 PM ET on FS1.


UFC Lightweight Paul Felder Makes FOX Sports Desk Analyst Debut with Champ Tyron Woodley, Retired Contender Kenny Florian & Host Karyn Bryant for UFC 216: FERGUSON VS. LEE

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier Calls Fights with Analyst Joe Rogan and Blow-by-Blow Announcer Jon Anik

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today, FOX Sports announces its broadcast team for UFC 216: FERGUSON VS. LEE on FS1, FX, FS2 and FOX Deportes this Friday and Saturday. Current UFC lightweight Paul Felder (@felderpaul) makes his FOX Sports studio analyst debut with welterweight champion Tyron Woodley (@TWooodley), retired contender Kenny Florian (@KennyFlorian) and host Karyn Bryant (@KarynBryant) from FOX Sports’ Los Angeles studios.

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier (@dc_mma) joins analyst Joe Rogan (@JoeRogan) and blow-by-blow announcer Jon Anik (@Jon¬_Anik) to call UFC 216: FERGUSON VS. LEE on Saturday live from Las Vegas. Reporter Megan Olivi (@MeganOlivi) interviews fighters on-site. Mario Delgado (@mariodelgadorzm), Santiago Ponzinibbio (@SPonzinibbioMMA) and Victor Davila (@mastervic10) call the Spanish language telecast on FOX Deportes.

No. 2-ranked lightweight Tony Ferguson (23-3) and No. 7 Kevin Lee (16-2) fight for the interim UFC lightweight title at UFC 216’s headliner on Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Winner of season 13 of THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER, Ferguson has gone 12-1 in the Octagon with eight finishes and eight post-fight bonuses, cementing his place as not just one of the best fighters in the world, but one of the most exciting as well. He’ll face fellow contender Lee, who has nine UFC victories and plenty of ambition to add a gold championship belt to his trophy case when he puts his five-fight winning streak on the line.

In the co-main event, UFC’s first and only flyweight champion has a chance to make history as Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson (26-2-1) defends his title against No. 3-ranked Ray Borg (11-2). Already tied with Anderson Silva for the most successful consecutive title defenses in UFC history, Johnson can break that record against Albuquerque’s Borg, a hungry challenger eager to stop Johnson’s quest for glory.

On Wednesday, Oct. 4 (8:00 PM ET), UFC TONIGHT hosts Florian and Cormier preview UFC 216 and interview headliners Ferguson, Lee and flyweight champion Johnson. The UFC 216 WEIGH-IN SHOW takes place on Friday, Oct. 6 (8:00 PM ET) on FS1 with the same studio crew.

Saturday’s coverage begins on FX (7:00 PM ET) with the UFC 216 PREFIGHT SHOW with Bryant, Felder, Florian, Woodley and Olivi. The two-hour UFC 216 PRELIMS are on FX and FOX Deportes at 8:00 PM ET and feature four action-packed bouts. Bantamweight Tom Duquesnoy (15-1, 1NC) faces Cody Stamann (15-1). Lightweight Will Brooks (18-3) squares off with Nik Lentz (29-8-2, 1NC), while Lando Vannata (9-2) and Bobby Green (23-8) go head-to-head in another lightweight bout. Plus, Pearl Gonzalez (6-2) and Poliana Botelho (5-1) open the PRELIMS with an exciting strawweight bout.

The action wraps up immediately following the main event with the UFC 216 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FS2.

Leading up to UFC 216, UFC fighters offer unique, behind-the-scenes clips on FOX Sports PROcast and on the FOX UFC social pages. Follow @UFConFOX on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for all updates throughout the #UFC216 fights this Saturday.

Viewers can live stream the UFC shows on FOX Sports GO, available in English or Spanish through the FS1 or FOX Deportes feeds. The shows are available on desktop at and through the app store or on connected devices including Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Xbox One and Roku. In addition, all programs are also available on FOX Sports on SiriusXM channel 83 on satellite radios and on the SiriusXM app.



Oct. 4


Oct. 4


Oct. 4


Oct. 6


Oct. 7


Oct. 7

8:00 PM FS1 UFC 216 PRELIMS FX / FOX Deportes

Oct. 7


*All programs also available on FOX Sports GO and FOX Sports on SiriusXM channel 83.

Joe Buck and John Smoltz

FOX Sports Announces MLB Postseason Broadcast Lineup as Teams Vie to Stay Alive in October

Five-Time World Series Champion, Five-Time MLB All-Star & Cy Young Winner David Cone Joins FS1 As Game Analyst For ALDS Coverage
FOX Sports Is Home To Its 20th World Series

NEW YORK, NY – Wild Card winners fill out Major League Baseball’s postseason lineup, and the only thing that matters now is October. FOX Sports today announces its full on-air broadcaster lineup for its coverage of the American League Division Series and American League Championship Series, beginning Thursday, Oct. 5, on FS1 and FOX Deportes. FOX Sports also serves as the exclusive home of the World Series for its 18th consecutive season and 20th overall, and airs exclusively in Spanish on FOX Deportes. The announcement was made today by John Entz, FOX Sports’ President of Production & Executive Producer.

Five-time World Series Champion, five-time MLB All-Star and 1994 Cy Young Award-Winner David Cone joins versatile play-by-play announcer Joe Davis, two-time MLB All-Star AJ Pierzynski and reporter Jon Paul Morosi for FS1’s ALDS coverage of the Boston Red Sox vs. the Houston Astros from Minute Maid Park in Houston.

“There is nothing quite like October baseball,” said Cone. “It’s truly a special time of year and we have a great, competitive series between the Red Sox and Astros on FS1 that I’m excited to be a part of.”

First-ballot Hall of Famer and 1995 World Series Champion John Smoltz reunites with multi-Emmy Award-winning announcer Joe Buck in the booth for the ALCS and World Series games. The team calls its second set of championships together following a highly acclaimed performance in last year’s historic postseason. Veteran Emmy Award-winning reporter Ken Rosenthal and multi-award-winning journalist Tom Verducci join Buck and Smoltz.

FS1’s ALDS coverage leads off as the New York Yankees or the Minnesota Twins visit the Cleveland Indians with veteran play-by-play announcer Matt Vasgersian on the call alongside Smoltz. Rosenthal and Verducci once again team up from the field, bringing viewers exclusive inside information.

In the studio, pregame and postgame coverage returns with a dynamic team of seasoned veterans and fresh new faces. Emmy-nominated host Kevin Burkhardt anchors the desk with Hall of Famer Frank Thomas and World Series Champions Keith Hernandez, David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez as analysts. The studio crew makes its 2017 postseason debut on Thursday, Oct. 5, at 7:00 PM ET on FS1.

Pete Macheska is lead producer for the ALCS on FS1 and World Series on FOX. Matt Gangl is lead director. Pregame coverage is produced by Bardia Shah-Rais and Jonathan Kaplan and directed by David Faller. Judy Boyd is Senior Vice President, FOX Sports Productions. Kent Camera is Senior Vice President, FOX Sports Productions. Jacob Ullman is Senior Vice President, Production & Talent Development.

(All Times Eastern and subject to change)

Date On Air Series City Networks
Oct. 5 4:00 PM Red Sox @ Astros Houston MLB Network
  7:30 PM Yankees/Twins @ Indians Cleveland FS1/FOXD
Oct. 6 2:00 PM Red Sox @ Astros Houston FS1/FOXD
  5:00 PM Yankees/Twins @ Indians Cleveland MLB Network


Oct. 8 TBD Astros @ Red Sox Boston      FS1/FOXD
  TBD Indians @ Yankees/Twins NYC/MINN      FS1/FOXD
Oct. 9* TBD Astros @ Red Sox Boston      FS1/FOXD
  TBD Indians @ Yankees/Twins NYC/MINN      FS1/FOXD
Oct. 11* TBD Red Sox @ Astros Houston      FS1/FOXD
  TBD Yankees/Twins @ Indians Cleveland      FS1/FOXD

* If necessary