FOX Sports Teams with SMT, MLBAM to Continue Augmented Reality Strike Zone as Part of Colossal Tech Effort

LOS ANGELES, CA – As part of its massive lineup of production technology, including up to 41 cameras and 121 microphones, FOX Sports is deploying a battery of eight Motion Cameras for the network’s 20th year of World Series presented by YouTube TV coverage, which begins Tuesday, Oct. 24 on FOX.

“We will have eight Super Slow Motion and Hyper Motion Cameras, including the FOX Phantom Cameras, at either side of the plate to capture at-bats and close plays at a blistering 1,500 frames per second,” said Michael Davies, FOX Sports SVP of Field & Technical Operations. “Quite simply, it’s more Motion Cameras in play than at any other baseball game on any network this season.”

FOX Sports continues the groundbreaking audio work it introduced earlier this season at the MLB All-Star Game, placing 14 underground microphones strategically around the playing field. With 80-plus game-action microphones in play on-site, an additional 15 to 20 mics are available for managers, coaches, umpires and players.

In addition, FOX Sports is teaming with SMT and MLBAM to provide an in-perspective strike zone for both live action and replays. SMT provides a live strike zone that incorporates data captured using MLBAM Statcast radar technology. This data shows pitch speed and location in real time. For replay sequences FOX Sports is using MLBAM’s Pitchcast system. This system, which made its debut during the ALDS, shows pitch speed, location and ball trails, while splitting the data into different varieties. Whether it’s showing all first-pitch strikes, pitch sequences to a certain batter or other specific data, FOX Sports has the strike zone covered.

The FOX Sports 113th World Series tech initiatives are the latest effort from FOX Sports Lab, a designed approach to exploring technical partnerships that give viewers a fresh perspective and ad sales teams more targeted sports integrations.


  • Staff & Support
    140+ technicians
    36 support staff
    126+ man-hours over nine days
  • Field Support
    384+ strands of fiber
    3+ miles of fiber optic cable
    3 edit bays
    64TB of shared storage
    2 Gbps of data connectivity
    12 transmission paths
  • Cameras and Lenses
    30 HD game cameras
    6 SSMo 6X (360fps)
    1 SSMo 16X (960fps)
    2 Xmo (2000fps)
    2 RF cameras
    1 RF stabilized camera (MOVI)
    1 aerial camera
  • Replay
    64 record channels
    32 playback channels
    2,000+ hours of recording capacity
  • Audio
    All digital audio network throughout stadium
    12 RF player, announcer and umpire mics
    8 RF FX mics
    9 RF base mics
    78 field microphones
    14 RF infield microphones