Woodley on Johnson: “He’s flawless.”
Felder on Ferguson Defeating Lee: “Tony did what I thought he’d do. He had the grit and toughness and he grinds through. I think Tony matches up really well against Conor McGregor. Let’s unify that belt.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s FS1 UFC 216 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FS1 hosted by Karyn Bryant, with Tyron Woodley, Kenny Florian and Paul Felder providing analysis. Megan Olivi conducted interviews.

Woodley on Demetrious Johnson’s greatness: “Johnson has so many levels to his game, it’s so hard to keep up with his pace. Those strikes weren’t all hard going against Borg. But he was tenderizing the steak, so when he went for the armbar, Borg was tired. It was an amazing finish. I think Johnson has a game plan and nothing rocks him off it. He’s flawless.”

FOX UFC analyst Kenny Florian on Johnson setting the record all time: “This is how good he is. He’s just so much better than everyone else. That was the teacher showing the student how to do it. We’ve never seen a suplex into an armbar. That’s why he’s the best of all time!”

FOX UFC analyst Paul Felder on what makes Demetrious Johnson so good and what did Ray Borg do wrong: “Johnson’s demeanor is always in control. For Borg, he only landed 22 strikes. We talked about what his key to victory was: to land the ground and pound. And he only got one strike on Demetrious on the ground.”

Florian on what sets Johnson apart: “Nothing rattles him. That’s the sign of a true master. His expression on his face never changes. It’s like he’s having a coffee and eating a donut. Nothing ever fazes him. He was playing chess, while Ray Borg was playing checkers.”

Felder on Johnson’s finish: “To pull off a move like that in a championship fight, you practice it, but he actually does it. He never seems to get tired. He gets told what to do by his coach and he does it like a video game. He’s really unstoppable in that division. He drowns his opponents in there.”

VIDEO: Kenny Florian, Tyron Woodley and Paul Felder break down Demetrious Johnson’s epic night!

Demetrious Johnson on pulling off the amazing submission to end the fight: “I’ve been working on it a long time. My coach said to explore your options in mix martial arts. When I was in there, I was feeling good and it was time to hit it. You have to shift people’s weight when they’re trying to be heavy, so once I shifted his weight and he threw the elbow, I said I’ve got you. I lifted him up and snatched his arm and did it.”

Johnson on what his plan was in the fight: “Ray Borg was saying my scrambling ability was garbage so his only option was to scramble, and we nullified that. Then, it was time to submit him and we did. It’s like my coach Matt’s playing the video game and I’m the character and he’s telling me what to do. I just do it.”

Johnson on what’s next: “I’m going to go home and spend time with my family and soak this one in.”

Johnson on what’s his motivation to keep going: “My motivation is to get better and to work on everything. Everyone is so quick to jump to the next one. It’s been 25 minutes since the fight. I’m going to spend some time with my family and kids, and enjoy this for a little bit.”

Johnson on if this was a special day or another day at the office: “It was another day in the office. Every fight is like the last one. It was special to pull that off that finish. I’ve been working on that submission in the gym. I was so tired from doing it, but I’ve practiced it a 1,000 times, and that’s what I got. My coach said: you mastered it in the gym and pulled it off in the Octagon.”

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Florian on what set Ferguson apart from Lee: “Nothing ever rattles Tony. Experience was the difference. Lee was scrambling, but didn’t seem to have a plan. Ferguson was just waiting and had a plan. I think Lee and his coaches will say that Lee needs to move his head more.”

Woodley on Lee: “Kevin was too pumped up and was too emotional. Tony kept calm. Lee fought well in the first round, and maybe he exerted too much in the first round. If I was his coach, I wouldn’t tell him to do the double leg takedowns that take a lot of energy when you’re tired. You keep with the jab and stay on your feet. When you’re standing in the traditional stance, you don’t move as much, while Tony was standing with his hands down and being very lose and fluid. When Kevin stood in front of Tony and started missing, he got fatigued and then it gets in your head and you start getting hit in the face.”

Felder on Ferguson’s performance: “Tony did what I thought he’d do. He had the grit and toughness and he took some shots, but he grinds through. He established long punches, then had the durability, which we talked about. I think the problem for Kevin was he tired out with the takedowns. Ferguson kept Lee swinging and missing. He did his funky stuff and kept throwing up submissions.”

Tony Ferguson on his performance: “It was amazing. It was a fun fight. It took a little longer than I thought, but I got the belt.”

Ferguson on when he’ll fight Conor McGregor to unify the belt: “We’ll soon see Conor. I’m not worried about that now. I just want to show this to my baby boy.”

Ferguson on what he planned for the fight: “The game plan was to get him so aggressive that he’d use the energy. He was pinned up against the cage, but I had him in a can opener situation, which takes energy out of him. I had a lot of hay in the barn to go five rounds. I know he was going to put on a lot of pressure. I knew the arm bar was going to be there and then there was the triangle.”

Ferguson on his eye injury: “I couldn’t see out of it, stuff happens. I knew how to weather the storm. I knew he was going to take me down, but this isn’t wrestling. I don’t care about the takedowns. If you take me down, you’re going to stuff some elbows and really take it.”

Ferguson on the trash talking before the fight: “Lee used that energy outside the fight. The fight was in the Octagon. Not one time did I feel uncomposed, except getting poked in the eye, and then I got pissed off, but it’s a fight and I weathered the storm.”

Ferguson on what he told Lee after the fight: “I told him to keep his head up. He’s got a bright future and to keep grinding. He’s a game opponent. I take my hat off to him. He took the fight.”

Ferguson on what happened in the fight: “I kept him at the end of my jab. He wasn’t flying into it. His takedowns got weaker, his kicks got weaker and his punches got weaker. I just kept composed. He was going to get weaker and I was going to get him. I’m an Ultimate Fighter winner. He’s not.”

Ferguson on wanting to fight Conor McGregor next: “Conor, he needs to defend or vacate. Conor you need to fight me. You can can’t run. I’m coming after you.”

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Florian on if Ferguson should get the next fight against McGregor: “Tony has earned this. He’s done what no one else has done it. He deserves that shot against Conor. Now there’s the business of fighting. The Nate Diaz trilogy is out there for the money fight against Conor. It comes down to what the fans want. Ferguson has done more than any other person.”

Woodley on if Ferguson deserves the fight against Conor McGregor next: “We have a lot of guys watching fights on the couch. Tony’s won 10 in a row against really tough guys. You have to respect that. He’s doing it with his four ounce gloves. If you’re going to be the champion, McGregor, you should defend the belt. If you do Nate vs. Conor, you shouldn’t do it for the belt.”

Felder on Ferguson fighting McGregor next: “Let’s get these guys together. Don’t vacate it, don’t fight anyone else. Tony, you’ve got to make him want that fight. There’re fights that need to be made. I think Tony matches up really well against Conor. Let’s unify that belt.”

UFC President Dana White on Ferguson’s victory over Lee: “He looked incredible. He kept the pressure on Lee. Lee is a tough dude and Tony outlasted him.”

White on what’s next for Ferguson: “Yes, we will unify this belt, but I don’t know when.”

White on Johnson setting the record tonight: “Greatest fighter ever. Much respect to Borg. In my anger, I disrespected Borg, but I didn’t mean to. I’m sure he wants to run up that record.”

White on this eventful week: “I’ve never been more proud to live here from first responders, and all the companies stepping up to do things. People think this isn’t a real community. This is one of the most real communities I’ve ever seen.”

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