Rockhold on Bisping’s title reign: “It’s the worst in UFC history.”
UFC Strawweight Champion Jedrzejczyk: “I want to defend my strawweight belt in 2018 and then we’ll see about moving up a weight class.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – UFC TONIGHT was hosted by Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier, with Karyn Bryant adding reports. The crew previewed the upcoming UFC FIGHT NIGHT: SAINT PREUX VS. OKAMI and interviewed strawweight champion Joanna and middleweight Luke Rockhold.

UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian on UFC vet Yushin Okami taking a late notice fight against Ovince Saint Preux: “Yushin Okami is not short on experience. He’s also not small. He was a big middleweight. But in this fight, he’ll be the smaller guy. He needs to be faster and get in and out and use his speed against Saint Preux. For OSP, he needs to be better in the clinch. He needs to win with the takedowns. He needs to be careful leaping in so that he doesn’t get countered by that right hook of Okami. But that left hand of Saint Preux has done a lot of damage.”

UFC TONIGHT host Daniel Cormier on Saint Preux’s advantages against Okami: “OSP can finish fights in a number of ways. This is a fight he’s supposed to win. He needs to be athletic. He’s the bigger, stronger guy. Ovince has been in the Octagon with the best in the UFC. He needs go in there and impose his will on Okami to show Okami he doesn’t belong in the Octagon on seven days’ notice. If OSP does engage in the clinch with Okami, Okami needs to use a foot sweep and judo throw to take OSP down. OSP has struggled with guys how take him down over and over again.”

Florian on Saint Preux’s keys to victory: “He’s a southpaw with a lot of power. His key number one is to stop the takedown. Okami is good on the mats. OSP also needs to manage the distance. He has the longer reach and needs to keep Okami on the outside. And he needs to use his main-event experience. He’s had four fights in the UFC that were five-round fights.”

Cormier on Okami’s keys to victory: “He’s a big middleweight, so his wrestling will transfer to light heavyweight. He need to use his jab. He’s got a quick jab and is a good boxer. He needs to use his footwork to keep Ovince guessing. Plus, he’s got to find a way to take him down and grind him out from the top. If he’s able to do that, he’ll be welcomed back to the UFC in a big way.”

Cormier picks Saint Preux over Okami: “I don’t believe Okami has had the time to prepare for the big, athletic guy like Saint Preux. I think he’ll get tired carrying around someone the size of OSP.”

Florian on picks Saint Preux to win in the third round: “I believe Okami is the more technical fighter, but OSP is going to take it. He’ll get a stoppage in the third round.”

Cormier on Luke Rockhold’s victory over David Branch: “Once Luke figured out the range, he had success. Once he got on top, Luke showed he dominates the ground game. But the right hand staying low is a problem. There’s danger in the biggest fights if you’re not doing everything correctly.”

Rockhold on Georges St-Pierre not fighting Bisping at UFC 217: “We’ve [Rockhold and Bisping] got business to attend to. I want GSP to get lost on his way to Madison Square Garden and I’ll stroll right in.”

Rockhold on who he’ll fight next if not Bisping: “Robert Whittaker, the real champion. The guy who fights the guys. We’ll see what his timetable is. Our third option is Romero.”

Rockhold on Bisping’s title reign: “It’s the worst in UFC history. No one has ever gotten that treatment and avoided every contender. He’s avoided Jacare, Yoel Romero and somehow he’s avoiding Robert Whittaker. He found No. 14 Henderson to fight at the time.”

Rockhold on what’s next for him: “I’m going to put myself in position for the fight with Bisping. He’s either going to stand like a man or he runs. It looks like he’s going to run to the finish.”

Rockhold on his fight against Branch after a long layoff: “It felt good to get in there. I wanted to take my time. He came out with the only option he had which was to run forward. He was scared in his eyes and it was his only option.”

Rockhold on taking some shots against Branch: “People have short memories. I’ve been through wars. I’ve taken my shots. The best man doesn’t always win. That’s why I want to come back and regain his status.”

Rockhold on possibly moving to 205: [To current 205 pound champion Cormier] “What’s the timeframe on your retirement?”

Rockhold on not saying Michael Bisping’s name in his callout of him: “Mike doesn’t deserve anything. There’s nothing more to be said. Look at the champion. He hasn’t fought or defended the title against one real contender. GSP is irrelevant at 185. They’re selling bullshit.”

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Joanna Jedrzejczyk on if the recent hurricane interrupted her training in Florida: “No, it didn’t even hit us.”

Jedrzejczyk on how she’s preparing for her title fight against Rose Namajunas: “I’m working hard. This is what I always do and I’m still the champion. I feel with every camp, I feel more competent. For sure on November 4th, I will bring new weapons to the fight with Rose.”

Jedrzejczyk on if she wanted to fight at Madison Square Garden again: “Yes, I asked for Madison Square Garden. I’m very excited about doing this one more time.”

Jedrzejczyk on the possibility of tying Ronda Rousey’s record for consecutive title defenses: “I love Ronda Rousey and we have a very good relationship. She’s done so much for this sport and for female fighters. It’s all about winning the fight and winning the title. It would be great tying Ronda’s record. I want to defend my strawweight belt in 2018 and then we’ll see about moving up a weight class.”

Jedrzejczyk on if she wants to move to the 125 pound division: “Of course, I care about this division. I’m very excited about it. I used to fight at 125 in Muay Thai and boxing and even in MMA before the UFC. I was thinking about the 125 division. In the past, I was having a hard time making 115. Now, I make the weight easy. I can fight at 115, and maybe next year I will make a decision to move up and, of course, defend both titles.”

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Cormier on if Ronda Rousey returns to the UFC: “I believe Ronda will have a baby with Travis Browne before she fights again. Ronda wants a family. She seems happy. She doesn’t need to fight the person Edmond wants her to fight.”

Florian on if Rousey should fight Cyborg: “Ronda deserves a lot of respect, but that’s the wrong fight. She just lost to Amanda Nunes at 135. She doesn’t need to fight at 145.”

Florian on who Carlos Condit should fight: “Carlos is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC dating back to the WEC days. Rafael Dos Anjos would be an exciting fight.”

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