NEW YORK, NY – FIRST THINGS FIRST WITH CRIS CARTER AND NICK WRIGHT premiered on FS1 this week, featuring Pro Football Hall of Famer Cris Carter, celebrated sports media personality Nick Wright and longtime broadcaster Jenna Wolfe as they bring viewers the first, and most incisive, opinions on the day’s best sports stories. FIRST THINGS FIRST airs live from New York City weekdays from 6:30 to 9:30 AM ET. Below are highlights from this morning’s program.

WATCH: Carter says the Cowboys should lean on Dez Bryant during Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension

Carter on Bryant’s potential:
“I’m going to go to another guy who is a superstar, who can dominate games and give the team some juice. People wonder, why do you put up with all this mess with wide receivers? Because we add extra swagger and enthusiasm to the team. We can make big plays… Wide receivers have that ability. For Dez Bryant, it’s a great opportunity for him at this stage in his career. He can step it up and be dominant in those six games “

WATCH: Carter and Wright discuss Danny Ainge’s claim that Kyrie Irving will be a better passer on the Celtics

Carter on Ainge’s comments:
“He’s [Irving] not a fantastic passer. He’s not a fantastic defender. So Danny Ainge made up a couple of things there. And that he’s going to be a better defender in Brad Stevens’s defense? Well how is that going to happen? They don’t have big men to protect the rim. How is that going to happen? If you’re an educated basketball fan, you could’ve been like Danny Ainge, you know you’re full of it. You made these things up.”

WATCH: Wright reflects on quarterback longevity and speculates that Tom Brady’s age may become a factor this season

Wright on Brady:
“I wonder if that suspension early in the year was good for him. Because once Tom Brady got to games 13, 14, 15 and the playoffs, he wasn’t quite the same guy… Tom Brady through the entire regular season only threw seven interceptable passes. In the playoff game against the Texans and the Super Bowl, in just those two games, he threw nine. And for two and a half quarters in the Super Bowl, Tom Brady looked about as bad as we’ve ever seen him. He’s the greatest quarterback I’ve ever seen, but at that age, is he just going to defy every rule of football we’ve ever known?”

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