Month: July 2017

Michael Bisping & Kenny Florian

UFC TONIGHT Quotes – Bisping Picks Nunes Over Shevchenko

Florian picks Romero over Whittaker: “I think Whittaker is a little too young still. I think Romero is going to use his wrestling and take him down.”
Plus Nunes, Shevchenko, Whittaker, Werdum, Johnson, Gaethje and Overeem Interviews

LOS ANGELES, CA – UFC TONIGHT was hosted by Kenny Florian and guest host Michael Bisping, with Karyn Bryant adding reports. The crew catches up with UFC 213 headliners Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko, plus Robert Whittaker, Fabricio Werdum, Michael Johnson, Justin Gaethje and Alistair Overeem before their fights this weekend.

UFC TONIGHT guest host Michael Bisping on Amanda Nunes’ dominance: “Nunes has finished everyone in the last five fights, except Shevchenko. That’s what makes this so interesting.”

UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian on Nunes’ preparation for this title fight against Valentina Shevchenko: “I wonder, has she figured out how to pace herself? If that first fight went five rounds, she was fading and might not have won. Since then, I think she’s turned into a devastating striker.”

Bisping on Shevchenko’s skills: “She does ever martial arts possible and every style of striking. In the first fight she started slow and let it slip away. She’s got to be busier this time. She’s taken down every fighter she’s fought.”

Florian on Shevchenko’s improvements: “She’s got to start faster and stop the takedowns. She’s showed bigtime improvement in her submission game and the fact that this is a five round fight favors her.”

VIDEO: Amanda Nunes vs Valentina Shevchenko | UFC 213 PREVIEW

Amanda Nunes on if Valentina Shevchenko is her toughest opponent yet: “Yes, definitely, she’s a tough opponent and I have to be ready.”

Nunes on gassing out in the first fight with Shevchenko: “I got tired, but she couldn’t finish me. I’m ready for five rounds. It’s going to be a battle.”

Nunes on Shevchenko calling her a head case by for hitting her at the press conference: “She really taunted me. I had to react.”

Valentina Shevchenko on how she’s prepared for the title fight with Nunes: “I’ve done martial arts for 20 years. I started at 5 years old. I’m very focused on this fight. I’m ready. I can’t wait to Saturday to show all my skills and put all my heart into the fight.”

Shevchenko on the losing the first fight to Nunes: “It was in the past. Everything I took from that fight I will use. It’ll will completely different. I’ve used the year to build. I will be very strong.”

Shevchenko on Nunes punching her at the press conference: “It tells one thing. There’s a lot of pressure, media and people watching her. She couldn’t control herself. I will respond 10 times harder during the fight.”

Shevchenko on what holes she sees in Nunes’ game: “It’s not about her. It’s only about me. I feel very strong.”

VIDEO: Shevchenko shares her side of the story on the scuffle between her and Amanda Nunes ahead of UFC213

Bisping picks Nunes over Shevchenko: “Amanda Nunes is an absolute beast. She’s just getting better and better. But she better have trained with her cardio.”
Florian picks Nunes: “Nunes has all her firepower and confidence. It’s all coming together for her.”

Robert Whittaker on how he beats Yoel Romero: “By just being me. I’ve got to nullify his wrestling with my striking. I’ll be ready to go wherever the fight goes.”

Whittaker on if he’d rather face Bisping for the belt or Romero for the interim belt: “The only fight I’m focused on is Yoel Romero right now.”

Whittaker on if beating Jacare gave him confidence against Romero: “Every matchup is different. Every fight has different results. If I fought Jacare again, it might end differently. Going into Romero, I’m prepared to face the best Romero possible.”

Whittaker on what he thinks of Romero’s wrestling: “Yoel is a top-caliber fighter. I think he uses his wrestling exactly like you should in MMA. I think he’ll use it the way he does in every fight.”

VIDEO: Robert Whittaker previews his UFC 213 fight with Yoel Romero

Bisping picks Whittaker over Romero: “Whittaker is going to dance around and he is a more polished striker. He’ll get a KO or TKO in the fourth or fight.
Florian picks Romero: “I think Whittaker is a little too young still. I think Romero is going to use his wrestling and take him down and stay on him.”
Florian’s one fighter to watch: “Travis Browne: I think Travis has the skills to avoid the submissions. His length will be a problem for him. He wants a win and needs a win.”

Bisping’s one fighter to watch at UFC 213: “Robert Whittaker: He’s going to shock the world on Saturday night. He’s going to get a stoppage in round four or five.”

Michael Johnson on Justin Gaethje’s smack-talk: “He just came to the UFC and he’s running his mouth. He got to me. Just shut up, prove yourself and then maybe you can start talking.”

Johnson on Gaethje’s undefeated record: “He’s 17-0 but he hasn’t fought Michael Johnson yet.”

Johnson on how he’ll beat Gaethje: “I’ll be staying true to myself. I’ll be using my movement, getting in and out, and being aggressive. He leaves so many openings. I’m going to catch him.”

VIDEO: Michael Johnson on Justin Gaethje: “He’s 17-0 but he hasn’t fought Michael Johnson yet.”

Justin Gaethje on his smack-talking with Johnson: “It says a lot. He’s already scared of me. Now, he says he’s a wrestler. I’m going to take his soul. I’m going to control his heartbeat, control his mind and take his soul.”

Gaethje on how the fight ends: “I win by knockout, I win by decision, or he wins by knockout, but I’m not going to win by submission.”

Gaethje on the difference in the fight: “My pressure. You can’t plan for it. Either he knocks me out early or he breaks.”

Gaethje on Johnson: “I’m here to meet my equal. Michael isn’t that guy.

Gaethje on being entertaining: “Fans come for a shot of adrenaline. I build a brand and the brand is violence. I won’t go for a submission. If I knock him down, I’ll tell him to get back up, so I’ll to be a knock out. If he survives to the fifth, I’ll give him a high five.

VIDEO: “I’m building a brand, that brand is violence. I promise I’m the most violent guy in the division” – Justin Gaethje

Bisping and Florian both pick Johnson over Gaethje. Bisping: “Gaethje is a great fighter, but he’s not proven in the Octagon. I think Johnson takes this one.”

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