Woodley on Waterson beating Namajunas: “I think she’ll be sharper, more aggressive, get to the punch faster and finish the fight.”
Faber on Retirement: “I stepped away not because I was old, but because I was still young.”

LOS ANGELES, CA – On UFC TONIGHT, host Kenny Florian and guest host Tyron Woodley interview UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier his win at UFC 210 and they catch up with flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson about his upcoming title defense on Saturday. Plus, Karyn Bryant adds reports.

UFC TONIGHT host Kenny Florian on what Demetrious Johnson does so well: “He gets opponents to respect hands first, then goes upstairs. He’s always showing something, but is going to do something else. He’ll show strikes and then score a takedown. Some guys do one thing in the clinch, but he can really do it all. He’s an absolute beast.”

UFC TONIGHT guest host Tyron Woodley on Wilson Reis: “Wilson is coming in with his crazy double-leg takedowns and the fact that we’re talking about his striking says something about his skills. He’s really known for his submission attacks.”

Florian on why Johnson will win Saturday: “I think DJ wins by decision. I think Wilson can hang in there, but this will be a dominant performance for DJ. His dominance in the clinch will be a big factor. Wilson does his best work when he takes someone down, but I just don’t see him getting it against Johnson. I think he controls the action and gets it done.”

Woodley on why Johnson will win Saturday: “I think Johnson has too many minutes in championship rounds. The fourth and fifth rounds will definitely be his. He has way too many tools. I don’t see him being finished with a punch or submission. The well roundedness of Johnson will pose too many problems for Wilson. I think he gets the finish in the later rounds.”

Demetrious Johnson on tying the record of title defenses: “It’s very important. For every champion, after you win the belt, you want to defend it as many times as possible. I want to beat his record.”

Johnson on what he’s thinks Reis does well: “His wrestling. He comes from a great gym. He has great wrestling and jiu-jitsu. And he’s big for the division.”

Johnson on if he’s still being challenged in his weight division: “Yes, just making weight is a challenge. In any fight, anything can happen.”

Johnson on if he’d like to fight bantamweight champ Cody Garbrandt: “If he came down to my weight and get title shot, sure. I’m never going to turn down a fight. Once I break record, then maybe I’ll move up to 135 in a year or two.”

Johnson on if he’d like to avenge his loss to Dominick Cruz: “Not at all. I’m over it – it was five years ago. I’m not even thinking about it.”

VIDEO: Interview – Demetrious Johnson checks in before his fight vs. Wilson Reis

Woodley on why Michelle Waterson will be Rose Namajunas: “She’s focused and doesn’t allow the emotion get to her. At some points Rose gets emotional. I think she’ll be sharper, more aggressive, get to the punch faster and finish the fight.”

Florian’s fighter to watch at FOX UFC Fight Night: “Jacare. He’s so dominant. He’s known for his world class Brazilian jiu-jitsu skills and also has knockout power. He’s beaten just about everyone in the division and no one wants to fight him. I expect him to shine.”

Woodley’s fighter to watch: “Tim Elliott. He put a great show against Demetrious Johnson in last title fight when nobody thought he would. He’ll have a hometown crowd. He’ll be fun to watch.”

Daniel Cormier on if he knew about Anthony Johnson’s retirement: “He told me this was going to be his last fight, so I told him to go first with the postfight interviews.”

Cormier on who’s left in the division: “I believe the division is two guys, me and Jon Jones. Jimi Manawa has done a good job, but he lost points for wearing that sweat suit. It’ll be me and Jones, the two best pound-for-pound fighters in the UFC.”

Cormier on who he wants to fight next: “I’ll fight whoever. I’ll fight Jones, but I don’t know if he wants to fight me for his first time back after being gone so long. You saw how he looked after coming back and fighting Ovince Saint Preux.”

Cormier on what weight he’ll fight next: “I’m not going to fight heavyweight. I’ve got to manage my weight better. I haven’t been very active. I’ve had too many days at UFC TONIGHT, eating at the craft table. I’ve got to manage my weight and make it become routine again.”

Cormier on the how he feels about getting booed by the fans: “I said, nothing is ever going to change. You guys know me. You enjoy me. These people know me from afar. I said boo me all you want. You’re not getting rid of me. Only one guy beat me and after I take care of him, they won’t be able to say anything. Fans can boo or cheer, as long as they care and buy the pay per view, I just want to give you a show.”

VIDEO: Interview: Daniel Cormier looks towards Jon Jones after his UFC 210 win

Woodley on the next fight for Cormier: “It has to be Jones next. He’s the only one who’s beaten him. Cormier has got to avenge his loss. It’s a legacy fight. Plus, the beef is real.”

Woodley on the Mousasi – Weidman controversy: “These rules are silly. This is fighting. Granted, you want to play by the rules and not manipulate them. But you can’t stop it and say it’s an illegal knee, and then say the fight is over.”

Urijah Faber on if he was surprised he was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame: “I just retired a few months ago. I think they’re really trying to make sure I don’t come back. It was a big surprise.”

Faber on his legacy: “I always came in with a smile and had fun. I tried to build something bigger than myself.”

Faber on why he walked away: “I stepped away not because I was old, but because I was still young. I have a desire to still fight, but I have a lot more to focus on now. You don’t want to be fighting for the money. That was an indicator.”

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