NEW YORK, NY – Today on FS1’s SKIP AND SHANNON: UNDISPUTED and THE HERD, FOX NFL Insider Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) continued to deliver on the latest details surrounding the confirmed culprit, identified as Mauricio Ortega of La Prensa, in the theft of Tom Brady’s two Super Bowl jerseys and Von Miller’s Super Bowl helmet. Glazer went on to unveil exclusive security footage without pixilation, supporting the identification of Ortega.

During his appearance on today’s edition of FS1’s THE HERD, Glazer talked viewers through a condensed two-minute version of exclusive video obtained by FS1 which was used to help investigators identify Ortega.

Glazer reports on the arrival of the stolen apparel to their respective facilities:
“As we speak, the jerseys are in fact back in Boston. I believe they are at an FBI office there in the Boston area, where they’re still making sure they authenticate it so they can give it back to the Patriots I think as early as tomorrow … Also I’m being told that Von Miller’s helmet is going to be transported I think as early as today, if it hasn’t already been, to the FBI office in the Denver area for them to authenticate that and try and give that back to the Denver Broncos and Von Miller.”

Jay Glazer Breaks the News that Tom Brady’s Stolen Super Bowl LI Jersey has Been Found