Below are highlights from today’s shows including THE HERD WITH COLIN COWHERD, GARBAGE TIME WITH KATIE NOLAN: SUPER BOWL SPECIAL; FOX SPORTS LIVE WITH JAY & DAN; and SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, as well as quotes from the Super Bowl LI on FOX Media Day.

Top Video Highlights and Quotes:


Colin Cowherd discloses what changes he would make if he were commissioner:
“The Pro Bowl ratings went down again this year. The American public, I tip a cap to you because it’s the most uncompetitive professional sporting event, next to the NBA All-Star Game, in the country. If I was commissioner there are the two or three things I would change. I would change the overtime rule. I have a belief that if you, at Arrowhead Stadium after 13 possessions, can’t beat Tennessee, they get the ball first. I would always give the opposing team it. This league’s built on parody, road teams get the ball first in overtime. I would scrap most of the preseason, or all of it, and I would scrap the Pro Bowl.

Travis Kelce on the game-changing penalty during the NFC Divisional Round:
“What I was most upset about was at that point in time, football is football. It is a gridiron game. It is nasty, ferocious. It is the biggest play of the season for us. A two-point conversion after we’ve been down the entire game just to try and get back and get tied. That’s when football has to be football and you just have to let the boys play. And that’s how I’ve grown up and I thought I’ve seen all of the games played when I was younger.”

Pete King reveals Art Modell tried to talk Robert Kraft out of hiring Bill Belichick:
“Art Modell told [Kraft] at the time, ‘It’ll be the biggest mistake of your life if you hire him.’ Because look, he didn’t win in Cleveland. He only had one winning season out of five, and I think the world thought that Bill Belichick should be a defensive coordinator, which was not unreasonable at the time. But Kraft had a thing about having had Belichick on the Patriots staff with Parcells for one year and he said he was just really impressed with him and he thought one day that if I do get an opportunity, I’m going to try and move Heaven and Earth to try and hire him. And honestly, it turns out to be one of the best decisions in NFL history by an owner.”


Nick Wright on if the Patriots trade Gronk:
“Rob Gronkowski is one of the six or seven most valuable non-quarterbacks in the sport. Just because they’ve won without him, doesn’t mean they don’t need him. The correlation-causation doesn’t follow here.”



Jason McIntyre on if the Patriots deserve to be hated:
“I’m going to use a great quote from Batman vs. Superman: ‘People hate what they don’t understand.’ People don’t understand how the Patriots, in the last 15 years, rotate in running backs and wide receivers, and go to seven Super Bowls.”

Ray Lewis on not having a relationship with his dad:
“The one thing I missed growing up and in my career was my dad hugging me and saying ‘Good job’ to me after a game. For Brady to say that is very powerful. Not having a dad made me realize what my mom instilled in me, but one day she said to me, ‘I can never teach you how to be a man.’ But my mom never wavered. She always found a way for us.”

Greg Jennings on if he agrees with Martellus Bennett that players’ ‘brands’ cause them to avoid political issues:
“As a player, you’re advised to not talk about politics. We want everyone to like me. If I take a stance, I cut off half the people who could support me as I move forward and support my brand. That’s what he’s referring to. If it’s unpopular, you stay away from it.”


Super Bowl LI on FOX analyst Troy Aikman on whether or not Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time:
“I’ve always been asked that question, and it’s been a question that’s been really easy for me to answer. I’ve always answered Joe Montana. The reason is because I was really starting to follow the game and had an interest in the league, Joe was doing some remarkable things; playing at a high level, four Super Bowls, and they were good every year. So I just always felt that Joe was the best. There were a lot of other quarterbacks that I really loved watching play, but as I am getting ready for this game – and we don’t cover the Patriots a lot, maybe once a year at the most – and you start looking at it: 11 AFC Championship Games, six Super Bowl appearances and now seven, number of playoff wins. I think you’d be hard pressed to not name him the greatest now, regardless of what happens on Sunday. That question that was once such an easy question for me to answer is no longer so easy to answer.”

Aikman speaks on what motivates New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at this point in his career:
“The motivation is to win another Super Bowl. I think when you win one, the motivation is to win two. When you win two, the motivation is to win three, and I think even for Tom it isn’t about winning five – I mean obviously that’s a milestone because no one has ever done it – but I don’t think that’s going to change his motivation going into next year. I don’t think if they win this game he is going to announce his retirement because he’s won five Super Bowls. He wants to be the greatest, and you can certainly make an argument for him now, regardless of what happens on Sunday. It’s been an amazing career; he’s highly motivated and taking advantage of the years he has, and it’s been impressive to watch.”

Aikman on the length of quarterbacks’ careers:
“The game has changed so much. Quarterbacks are just not getting hit the way we once did. I don’t think the punishment is as much as it was. I think that for the older guys, the hard part is recovering after each game. You aren’t going to lose arm strength, but just to recover is difficult, and without taking the hits and punishment on a weekly basis like we once did I think we are going to see a lot of guys into their early 40s or maybe even mid-40s.”

FOX NFL SUNDAY analyst Howie Long on his son Chris playing in Super Bowl LI:
“We have laughed about it some. I tried to push them all away from football. In fact, I subconsciously pushed Kyle, without really knowing I was doing it, into baseball. But at the end of the day your DNA is what your DNA is, and Chris is someone who, from the day he committed to it in high school, he’s 110 percent all the time. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has worked harder and been through more in the first eight years of their career. I ran out of things to say on Sunday nights. I really did. As a dad and as someone who played, I’d tell him it’ll be better next week, it’ll be better next year. Eight years, that’s hard to do.”

Long on what the Falcons need to do to win on Sunday:
“I think they have got to be poised on defense; well-prepared for an offense that’s very moldable. Matt [Ryan] has to be, and I think both quarterbacks understand this, it’s protecting the football. The ability to have balance and understand what you are looking at before the snap. Great quarterbacks beat you before the ball is snapped. They see things in slow motion where young players or quarterbacks that maybe aren’t as gifted don’t see, and when the ball is snapped it’s kind of a hope and a prayer. Both these quarterbacks do a great job at establishing what your look is, whether it’s a false look pre-snap, and going to the right hole; because there is a hole in every defense.”

Long discusses Brock Osweiler’s future with the Houston Texans:
“If I could fix quarterbacks, I’d be working somewhere else. I think as we see with this game, it begins and ends with the quarterback. You’ve got a great defense, a capable wide receiving core and maybe it takes a little bit for a quarterback so settle in to a new system. I like the head coach and I like the direction the team is going in. Imagine the team with JJ Watt back on it, with Clowney and that whole group. They are special on defense, as we saw against the Patriots.”

Super Bowl LI on FOX play-by-play announcer Joe Buck on if there is a secret to calling big games like the Super Bowl:
“I would say it’s the same secret to calling an AFC Championship Game or a preseason game or whatever it may be. It’s a boring quote, and every player says it, but I think we have to treat this like a football game, not like we are refueling an F-18 in mid-air. A guy is going to drop back and throw it, and I’m going to say that he threw it to whomever, and I’m going to say who made the tackle and how many yards were gained. Thankfully that’s it, because my mind’s not capable of a lot more than that, so I’m just going to treat it like every other game. Even though I know it’s not. You just have to almost convince yourself and remind yourself that it’s just another game. While the tension is high and it’s a high-wire act and it’s a huge audience listening and watching, if you treat it like something it’s not, you’re dead in the water.”

Buck on whether calling the Super Bowl is similar to calling the MLB All-Star Game:
“Absolutely, because the sporting world kind of stops. They have the All-star Game at a time when nothing else is going on. All of baseball stops and even the casual baseball fan is in. The hard thing is when you have an All-Star Game, you have a lot of stories so, name the guy, whoever the player is that the casual fan is unaware of, you have to kind of tell their story in nine seconds because they just kind of ground it out. Now there is a new shortstop and a new third baseman, and here in these games you can find a million stories to talk about, and it’s hard to choose which one to go with because there is not a lot of time and we need to make that time count. So we could talk for three hours about Tom Brady, but we need to tell the Chris Hogan story, but Patriots fans have heard the story about Chris Hogan at Penn State playing lacrosse five-thousand times. But maybe the Atlanta fans haven’t and maybe the casual fans haven’t. So you know you are constantly making these choices as the game goes along and you hope that while you get into some story a 90-yard touchdown doesn’t happen in the midst of it. But that’s kind of the tricks of the trade, and that’s what you are dealing with a live event.”

FOX NFL SUNDAY co-host and analyst Terry Bradshaw on giving the trophy to Tom Brady if he wins another Super Bowl:
“I’m so fine with him, in fact I just interviewed him. And I told him nothing would thrill me more than to give you that trophy, and right before you put your hands out I’m going to drop it on your foot. But he’s such a great guy, love him to death – him and Matt Ryan. If Tom gets it, I’m proud to be there on behalf of FOX to present him that trophy. I thought I was going to do it before when they lost to the Giants and we didn’t do that. I’d have no problem. I’d love to do that.”

FOX NFL SUNDAY analyst Jimmy Johnson on why he enjoys broadcasting:
“I love doing FOX NFL SUNDAY. You know, Terry Bradshaw is one of my best friends. Terry and I watch college football all day Saturday. I’m doing it because it’s fun and it still keeps me involved in the game. I’m doing it because it’s fun.”


FOX Deportes General Manager Carlos Sanchez on the importance of broadcasting the Super Bowl in Spanish:
“As you probably know, soccer has been the biggest sport for Hispanics for a long time, and I think more and more now Hispanics watch the American sports. The NFL is probably one of the last American sports that Hispanics really need to learn about. You see a lot of Hispanics in MLB, but NFL is still growing. There’s huge potential. We broadcasted the first Super Bowl in Spanish four years ago, Super Bowl XLVIII, with record-breaking numbers. After us there were a couple of other Spanish networks that broadcasted the Super Bowl, but did not beat our numbers. We’re excited about that and are excited about trying to beat our own number.”

FOX Deportes broadcaster Jesse Losada on growing the Hispanic audience:
“Every Super Bowl is different. Back in the day, I worked on the Super Bowl transmissions at CBS. They did it in Spanish back in the 1990s and it was kind of an uphill struggle to get people involved in it. But things have changed. The NFL has made an enormous effort to reach the Hispanic audience, and now you have the possibility of doing more regular season games in Mexico, which is only going to help the NFL in the long run. It’s going to be a positive thing. The Hispanic market is so big in the U.S. We’re the only growing market – the Hispanic audience is growing. They’ve done the right thing and trying to help us out.”

FOX Deportes broadcaster Valeria Marin on calling Super Bowl XLVIII and Super Bowl LI:
“(Super Bowl XLVIII) was my first Super Bowl, and it was amazing. This is also amazing, but I find some similarities between 48 and 51 because we had a team that was looking for their first Super Bowl. In that case it was the Seahawks, and this time it’s the Falcons, and you had a great team like the Denver Broncos and now the Patriots, so it’s kind of similar. Yesterday in media day, we talked to the players and they were amazed because it was their first experience so I find that similar. Every Super Bowl has something special, and this is not going to be the exception. I hope it has drama also like the Super Bowl XLIV – that was amazing. I think it’s going to be special.”