A New Challenge: CJ Nitkowski Hosts Tuesday’s MLB WHIPAROUND on FS1

Note: The following excerpt appears as part of CJ Nitkowski’s latest column on FOXSports.com

In the world of sports media it is an asset to be multi-platform. For me that means being able to do TV, radio and writing. I do all of those things from the former player point of view, which opens up more opportunities for me in this business.

Much like it was for me during my playing days, I am constantly trying to evolve and expand my talents as a broadcaster. I asked my bosses at FS1 this past winter if they would consider letting me host MLB Whiparound at some point in 2016. They said they would consider it.

Well, now it is a "yes." I am hosting MLB Whiparound this Tuesday night at 7 p.m. ET on FS1. What’s the big deal, you might ask? The host role is so much different than the analyst role. As a host for a non-scripted show like Whip, you have to lead, direct and keep a show moving. You have to follow cues from producers in your ear while maintaining a conversation with an analyst. Things are constantly changing with random in-game updates. Our main hosts, Kevin Burkhardt and Chris Myers, are incredible at what they do.

I have hosted radio and even have led segments on TV but this is different. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and taking on a major challenge, but that is where growth happens. Dontrelle Willis and Eric Karros will be on that show with me as well. The first all-player edition of MLB Whiparound will happen Tuesday. I hope you’ll tune in … and be kind to me on Twitter.