Glazer Discusses Denver Broncos Coaching Change on AMERICA’S PREGAME

NFL on FOX insider Jay Glazer joined Monday’s edition of AMERICA’S PREGAME on FOX SPORTS 1 to discuss the story he broke earlier in the day that the Denver Broncos had agreed to mutually part ways with head coach John Fox. The Broncos suffered a 24-13 home loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night in the Divisional Round of the AFC playoffs. Glazer was the first to report on yesterday’s FOX NFL Sunday that in the event of a loss to the Colts, there was a chance Fox could become available. He explained the genesis of the report in an interview with host Mike Hill:

On the working relationship between Fox and executive vice president of football operations John Elway being the primary reason for the decision:

“This is not just something that happened because they lost in the playoffs. This is actually a situation that has been going on for quite some time and I said yesterday on FOX NFL Sunday, ‘There are teams that are looking at the Denver Broncos, because if they lose, John Fox might become available.’ The reason I said that is because I already knew that there was a chance that John Fox was going to come available, just because the working relationship there between he and John Elway, it wasn’t the greatest working relationship. With John Elway and John Fox, it started off great, but then it started not working out. John Elway looked at this season as, ‘This is all or nothing, with what we spent, you’ve got to go win us a Super Bowl.’ And the relationship between Elway, not just with Fox, but with the entire coaching staff, they both needed a split from each other.”

On what Fox’s next move might be and which of the open head coaching jobs would suit him best:

“I think he and the Chicago Bears are the best fit. I think they are a great fit because you have an opportunity where you’ve got a coach in there – if they decide not to go with Jay Cutler – John Fox has already been in [an unsettled quarterback situation] in Carolina, where he had Rodney Peete, Vinny Testaverde, guys like that and they figured it out.”