Moss & Brady Reunite in 1-on-1 Interview Airing Sunday on FOX & FS1

Yesterday. FOX Sports 1 NFL analyst Randy Moss visited with former teammate and Patriots three-time Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady.  The interview airs in two parts this Sunday, Nov. 23 on FOX Sports 1’s FOX NFL KICKOFF (11:00 AM ET) and on FOX NFL SUNDAY on the FOX broadcast network (12:00 PM ET).  Six-time pro bowl wide receiver Moss and nine-time pro bowl quarterback Brady spent three seasons as teammates in New England toward the end of Moss’ illustrious NFL career.  The former teammates cover several topics including the backlash Brady received from the national media following an early-season loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, beating the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts in back-to-back games, and the Patriots’ current six-game winning streak.  The following answers from Brady have been excerpted from the interview:

Regarding the negative media attention he received after being replaced by backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in a lopsided loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 4:  “Really, for my pro career, I’ve never had a lot of criticism.  We won (the Super Bowl) the first year I played and then we won two more shortly after that, so this was really the first time people had come down on me.  So you know what I appreciate?  How about those teams they come down on every week and how do they deal with that?”   

Even after all he’s accomplished, Brady admits to still having to prove himself: “I think I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder.  I was the one that no one really wanted in college, and I was the sixth round draft pick in the pros.  Now, I’m always like, why do they want me to go away so quick?”