José Pablo Coello

Host, CENTRAL FOX, FOX Deportes

José Pablo Coello joined FOX Deportes in 2008, bringing more than 20 years of sports journalism experience to his role as lead news anchor of CENTRAL FOX.

He began his journalism career in radio in 1989 as a collaborator with Raul Orvañanos on Núcleo Radio Mil. His expertise spans multiple media platforms (television, radio and print) and a variety of outlets including Núcleo Radio Mil, Group Formula, Grupo Radio Centro, Radio Sportiva, MVS Comunicaciones, Televisa, Cablevision, Record, La Afición, Deporte Illustrado, Woodlands, Mundo Ejecutivo and Expansión.

Throughout his career, Coello has covered multiple high-profile sporting events such as the Tennis Grand Slams, Olympic Games, FIFA World Cups, MLB World Series and NFL Super Bowls. Coello holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México and an MBA from Yale University.

Coello was born in Mexico City, Mexico.