Pick Your Poison – Kawhi Couponing or Von Dancing? Ep. 25: The Garbage Time Podcast with Katie Nolan

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Katie Nolan discusses her weekend in Austin at SXSW and makes some tough choices in this week’s Pick Your Poison. Which hobby is more concerning for your favorite athlete: Couponing or Dancing (6:50)? If you were President, which would you make a National Holiday: The day after The Super Bowl, or the first day of March Madness (14:50)? And which would you rather attend: A football game at the proposed new Redskins stadium, or a hockey game in Las Vegas (21:00)? Plus a recap of the season finale of The Bachelor (28:45), and Katie’s strategy for how she plans on winning the show / becoming The Bachelorette (36:50). #KatieOnTheBachelor